Elementary school years tend to bring up fun memories. I found it to be one of the best times of my life. As I move towards my senior years. I pull my early childhood school days closer and closer to me.

In doing so. I discovered how an event during that period. Helps me seek to learn much more in present day and to teach whatever I’ve learned along the way. Of course. Once again. Music was in the background.

Learn from one, teach one…

How could I have thought learning how to play Michael Jackson’s song Ben, would ultimately lead me into a career of music. Once I learned the song.

It still took a teacher/mentor in my elementary school to play the song on piano with me to give me the self-confidence to make a decision to become a musician a year later.

What I saw as having fun on the piano, he saw as talent in me. That was a pivotal moment in my life.

I take that moment with me because teachers and mentors are valuable at all levels in life. I find they are more important as I move forward.

Their knowledge and experience save me time and allows me to learn in multiple ways. It’s important that I teach and mentor, not only because it helps others, it furthers my knowledge and helps to better my understanding of a given topic.


Lulu is one of my favorite types of singers. Such a rich, raspy, hearty voice. As a producer, singers like Lulu, I tend to enjoy working with. There’s so much heart and soul with in them.

To sir with love is a great example of how a good singer uses their voice to make you feel all of the emotion within the lyrics and how they feel singing the song.

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