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David Knight's long-awaited second single, “Fantasy World." Has arrived! An original adult-contemporary song reminiscent of smooth jazz with an eclectic mix of psychedelic funk, rock and classical overtones. A true musical melting pot, is available now!


The annual “Summer Jam” celebration. Time to dance, sing, and uplift your spirit with some of the hottest jams of our generation.

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I love going back and remembering the summertime of my youth, the music, the blockbuster movies, great television. In this live stream, I share several summertime stories, one I call Queens Vietnam,

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On June 15th, 2020, my childhood friend and music partner Clayton Gittens passed away. I want to celebrate this beautiful person’s life and music with all of you.

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Lyrics, the meaning in a song; we’re so driven by the beat and groove in a song; the lyrics go over our heads. Yet, when you stop to listen to the lyrics,

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"Back in The dave"

Through Dave’s eyes growing up as a young New York musician. “Back in the Dave” reconnects the life, times and stories to the music that became the soundtrack of our youth.

Found Dave's podcast from an recommendation of top podcasts in the latest AARP magazine. Thanks, Dave, for your thoughtful and wise insight AND for taking me along the walks down Memory Lane!

K.T. Hom

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This podcast is a must for music & culture fans from Baby Boomer to GenX & beyond. All people, all backgrounds, all races can come together listening to Dave reminisce. Love it.

Kristin Llanos

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If you are a baby boomer who loves music this is for you! Dave has great stories about the songs that affected him. What I like is that he tells you how the music made him feel. it's a lot of fun to listen to. Oh, the memories!

Peggy Turnbull Kressin

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Before Lionel Richie and the Commodores, Barry White was my man!

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Love yourself, love you first, ask yourself “how can I love me more,” how can I be a blessing to “me.”

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Exhale takes the intellectual mind, the subconscious mind, and the body and places them in a state of “letting go,” releasing you from the stress and anxiety of today’s Coronavirus realities and the day-to-day quarantine limitations…

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I was talking with my keyboard player Clay, telling him I need a song to release. We were working on original songs but I wanted to put out something that people were familiar with already.

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