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Julio Herrera

Benjamin N. Cardozo high school 1977, a new school, and new friends. The tenth grade was the bomb! Not because I was so in love with school, my grades surely told another story! But…


My oldest son Kyle was closely watching how I was setting up the rocket on the launch pad, as Collin, my youngest son at the time, was having a ball being silly, LOL!!! What a crazy kid…

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I can’t believe it’s been a year. One whole year that I took off from music, podcasts, articles, and most creative activities! What did I do, you ask?
Not much of anything. My goal was to heal from my off-the-charts anxiety and panic attacks. Did it work? Nope!

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With 107, 741 downloads. Season six of “Back in The Dave returns after a one-year hiatus! Listen now to the “Happy New Year” episode, and when you’re done. Now is a great time to binge-listen to the past five seasons.

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The Holidays are here and I know for me and for many of you. It brings up memories of our loved ones. I decided to record a little something for your heart and soul

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available Now!

David Knight's long-awaited second single, “Fantasy World." Has arrived! An original adult-contemporary song reminiscent of smooth jazz with an eclectic mix of psychedelic funk, rock and classical overtones. A true musical melting pot, is available now!


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"Back in The dave"

Through Dave’s eyes growing up as a young New York musician. “Back in the Dave” reconnects the life, times and stories to the music that became the soundtrack of our youth.

Found Dave's podcast from an recommendation of top podcasts in the latest AARP magazine. Thanks, Dave, for your thoughtful and wise insight AND for taking me along the walks down Memory Lane!

K.T. Hom

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This podcast is a must for music & culture fans from Baby Boomer to GenX & beyond. All people, all backgrounds, all races can come together listening to Dave reminisce. Love it.

Kristin Llanos

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If you are a baby boomer who loves music this is for you! Dave has great stories about the songs that affected him. What I like is that he tells you how the music made him feel. it's a lot of fun to listen to. Oh, the memories!

Peggy Turnbull Kressin

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My fans and I have created this Spotify playlist. It’s PACKED with 4.5 hours of some of the best music ever written and recorded. Best of all, it’s

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Fantasy World is my first! It’s the first song I wrote as a duet. It was the first song I sang with a female singer, and It was the first song I recorded with other musicians. This “Inner World,” (Remix) is the first version after 40yrs of being in the ice cooler!

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I was talking with my keyboard player Clay, telling him I need a song to release. We were working on original songs but I wanted to put out something that people were familiar with already.

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Summer 1975 was the summer I’ll never forget. Fun was the only activity taking place. Joy, happy, exciting, girls, danger, mischief, adrenaline rush are just some of the words that describe it. In retrospect, what my family and I didn’t know was, the summer of 1975 would be the last summer we’d have my brother Marc. One

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