June 19

You Can’t Hide From Yourself

You Can’t Hide From Yourself

In 1977, Teddy Pendergrass had an awesome song, "You can't hide from yourself," anywhere you go, there you are, LOL! Yet many of us believe it's not true, only to find out later, how true, it "truly" is!

W spend a good part of our lives finding way's to ignore "ourselves," we "work through" things, we hide from our thoughts, our feelings, our belief's and so much more, yet, as we get older and life slows down a bit those things that we ran from have an interesting way of creeping up on us!
Often when this happens it sends us in a state of depression, anxiety and illness.

Running from yourself is an impossible thing to do, further it's stressful! 

Listen to this Thursday night live as I talk about my experience when running from myself, once again, my dad was right, damn, dad 100, son, zero, LOL!

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About the Author

David Knight is an adult contemporary recording artist with a traditional funk, R&B, Pop sound, wrapped in orchestration.


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