There are moments in life that we experience as being bad and painful. During those times. We’re conflicted, can we smile, laugh or do anything that might suggest having fun during those “bad” moments. And what will others think?

Pam Griffin’s story tells how she learned from her mom that there’s no shame at all.

Pam’s Mom

When we look back on our lives. It’s amazing the lessons our parents tech us. Not only as children bust as adults too!

Often just by watching their actions and behaviors we learn. Yes, that can swing good or bad as we already know.

Pam’s mom taught her a priceless lesson. I to learned. That even when we are faced with great sorrow, hurt and pain. We can laugh, we can smile, we can even party and dance.

I believe it’s healthy. I think it’s what we need during those moments in life.

I like, Pam’s mother, feel there’s no shame in finding a little happiness during sad or bad times.

Her mother’s love for music was the catalyst to teaching her daughter a very powerful yet subtle lesson.

Check out the “STACK” of 45’s behind her. What I wouldn’t give to go through them!!

Womack & Womack (Baby I’m Scared of You)

When Pam first told me about this song. I had know idea. I know the Womack family of music since I was a child.

Then she sent me the track. I was like, Oh!! I remember this song. I never knew the name. Surprisingly, I never saw this video.

Hearing this song and watching the video for the first time really too me “Back in The Dave!” LOL!!

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