On May 28th, I held my first simultanious FaceBook and Zoom live stream, not only was it a first for using multiple streaming platforms. It was the first live stream after the release of Before I Let Go, I was pretty excited because the audience had grown because of the song release! It was good to have people attending on Zoom and on FB all at the same time.

People were very engaged, listening and asking lots of questions. My goal was to just meet new fans and ask them tons of questions, and to let them know that beyond the music, my goal is to put value into their lives, but they turned the table on me,  asking me so many questions! I found myself telling them more about  my life, my music and how I write songs, I even ended up playing piano!

I found myself becoming emotional on camera because the more I talk about my life and journey, the more I realized that what I've accomplished was on such a large-scale, even though I'm just getting started as a solo artist.

Thursday Night Lives are only meant to be an hour long, this night, we ran for two hours! Wow!

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