The hang out streams is my favorite. Spending time with fans, talking, and catching up is my idea of an evening well spent. This hangout was unique because it took place right after Thanksgiving.

I asked the question, "what are you thankful for?" The comments were non-stop.

I talked about how the holiday season can appear bittersweet. Especially for us baby-boomers, we've reached those ages in life when death has taken many of our family members, and we are now the family elders!

It's a very surreal experience because many of us, including me, still feel like we are the children, yet, we have youngsters calling us grandma and grandpa.

There are a lot of people in pain, and we all know the holiday season magnifies our emotions. I believe the best we can do is, rely on our memories, look at old pictures and videos, and allow our feelings to flow. Let them take you where ever they need to go.

We can't change the past, but we can heal from it.

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