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Last night during the live stream I offered the gift of music. Music is thrapy, often when I'm stressed I get into my studio and just record, last week when I was done, "Exhale" was the result, knowing last nights topic was stress and anxiety, I that giving this as as gift would be nice. Exhale is a 30min meditation musical soundscape mixed with nature. Clicking the botton will take you to it's song page to download it.

​Last night's "Live" was amazing! My wife and I had so much fun!
The interaction from so many people was cool, I sincerely felt that we were deeply helping people. I have to thank my wife again for doing this for me, she continues to blow me away with her knowledge of healing.

People ask me why is a musician/recording artist doing online streaming about health and wellness? My only answer is, "there's more to life than music," something my parents taught me when I was younger.

I felt talking about stress and anxiety was important as we face COVID19.

I love health, wellness, and healing, I deeply enjoy learning functional medicine, herbalism, and holistic healing. If I were not into music, this is would I'd be doing.

Further, I'm an artist, I have a small platform of people I can reach, I feel it's my job to not only record the best music I can for people but to also share the knowledge I have gained in life.

I'm no doctor! I don't claim to be, I know just enough to share and hopefully help others and to be a source of support, I'm a human first and a musician second. My job is to be there for my fans musically and in life.

Last night we covered stress and anxiety on multiple levels, so I don't have you reading a lot, and me typing a lot, it's best to watch the live stream if you have any questions or need more resources please email me at

Below you'll find all of the resource links I shared during the live stream. These are the products and people that my wife and I use daily.

I'm also including "Exhale," the song I wrote as a gift to you, I hope it brings you hours of peace and calm as we deal with this Coronavirus.


Recommended Resources

I don't make any money as an affiliate of these company's, I'm a loyal customer of these company's.

Breathing Zone


I have to say, this is my favorite app for breath work. It only runs on IOS/ iPhones etc... If you stick with this app doing breath work at least twice a day for 10 mins you will feel your stress and anxiety diminish.



I've not used this app at all, however its purpose is like the Breathing Zone app. It's made by the U.S department of defense, they finally have embraced a level of holistic healing and are training military personnel to breathe


Calm takes more of a meditative approach to healing stress and anxiety, they have calming music, meditative practices all to reduce and remove stress.There is a fee associated with using the app along with a limited free trial, but they have a ton of things to do!

The Anxiety Center


I cannot put into words how helpful The Anxiety Center has been in helping me deal with my panic attacks and stress. Their webite is overstocked with useful and actionable information. 

Their coaching is affordable and so is their membership. They also help people who are dealing with depression, bookmark their website! It will become a go to tool for life!


I learned about oatstraw from Gina Ryan, host of the Anxiety Coach Podcast. Once I started using it, I felt the anxiousness begin to reduce. It's simple t make as a tea:

  • 1 cup of oatstraw 
  • 12 cups of water
  • Boil the water 
  • Put in the oatstraw let boil until desired strength
  • Place in refriderator over night or for 8-10 hours
  • Using a strainer, pour the tea into a glass jar

I highley recommend book marking the mountain rose herb website. You will find no other website online for the best in organic herbs and spices. It's not cheep, but either are doctor bills! 

The Anxiety Coach Podcast


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