This episode. I introduce you to Nana. My grandmother, my dad’s mom. “Nana” stories are never ending! Along with my parents. Nana was a major influence in my life. A few months ago. My brother and I were talking. Often he and I talk about our childhood. It’s impossible to discuss those days and not have Nana come up.

During one of our recent conversations. We confirmed that one day when we were very young. Nana did something that shocked my brother’s, sister and I. I had to tell this story in the show!

Nana and I 1989-1990

Born in Sanford Florida in 1913. Nana had a mouth and a brain that never stopped! You can only imagine some of the things she’d say. A self-made successful real estate investor.

Nana loved music, dance, antique’s and her chicken’s (her grandchildren) She even created her own dance. She called it. The “Trigger Toe, or trigger foot, depending on how excited she was that day on the dance floor.

You want talk about cooking southern soul food? To use her words. “It’ll make you wanna slap your grandma!”

A personality only matched by her character. Nana was not always nice. But I think that goes for all people.

If music calms the savage beast. Aretha Franklin, Gospel, R&B and Soul music calmed Nana.

Nana Home Video’s

On July 1st 1989. I purchased my first camcorder. As my children were being born. I wanted to get them on film, from birth to adulthood.

What I did not anticipate was capturing and documenting my entire family on video. My grandchildren are able to see live footage of several generations.

It was my best purchase ever!

I’ve gathered some short footage of Nana so you can get a feel for the person she was. We lost Nana on December 4th 1984. She was 81. Too young! My grandfather out lived her by almost 20yrs!

Like I said, thank goodness I bought that camcorder. Because I have more footage of him than Nana.

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