Words have meaning. They create. Words are powerful. I learned a lesson back in the day, when a childhood friend gave me a compliment. Her words made me feel I could do anything.

It was later on the following year that a family members words and truth changed that direction. I allowed those words to effect my life for most of my professional career.

The Isley Brother’s

This old hear of mine was a big hit for the Isley Brother’s during their time at Hitsville U.S.A (Motown.) They went from a Do-Wop sound to rock and onto R&B.

Ron Isley resurfaced in the 1990’s with R Kelly and became known as “Mr Bigg’s” to a new generation.

Many people don’t know that rock guitar legend Jimi Hendrix was the Isley Brother’s guitar player at one point in time.

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

The Love in Lost! One of their biggest hits. A sad story set behind a hard hitting dance groove. Many if not all of the original members including Teddy Pendergrass have all passed on.

Teddy left the group in 1975 for a solo career. That move proved to be magic. Especially with his female fans. The heart and soul in his voice and the pinpoint backing vocals of the Blue Notes, made Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes legends of R&B and Soul.

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