One summer day in 1974. A neighbor was “BLASTING” the song Mighty-Mighty by Earth Wind & Fire out their front window. My brother Marc, our friend Mickey and his older brother Tony were hanging out on the block. Just talking kid talk. When a good humor truck pulled up and parked in front of Miss Harmon’s ole house, which was a few homes up from mine. Initially, we thought he was doing his ice cream rounds so we searched our pockets for money and began running and screaming for him to stop, when something unexpected happened. On this episode of “Back in The Dave”

Rumble in The Jungle!

At least once a year I go to YouTube and look at history that I witnessed growing up. Often to see if I remember it as it happened. Scary enough to say I do!

I went back to look at this fight as I was doing the podcast. I’ve seen this fight a bazillion times. This time however, I was shocked! I think most of as at one time or another heard Foreman say he learned a valuable lesson that night.

This time I saw Ali consciously teaching Foreman throughout the entire fight. Do you see it too?

Richard M. Nixon Resigns

What is left to say about the Water Gate scandal? Personally, I no president in America’s history was good, not one! They can’t be because it’s the system that’s running the country. I do think though that Nixon wasn’t a cool guy.

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