The Entertainer

Long before I had given thought to play an instrument. Life was knocking at my door saying. "Hey, music is your path in your life, man, wake up!" I ignored it for the longest time. Flying model rockets was way more fun!

Until one day, I picked up a kazoo, you remember, the little plastic wax paper instrument? I played the hell out of that instrument, which led to performing live in concert, in...the "cafeteria," LOL!

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  • Hey David, good Thursday morning. Thanks for sharing your music knowledge. Enjoyed hearing the back stacks and your story, always entertaining! Stay safe my Friend🍂

    • Hello there Margaret,

      The back stories I love telling, I’ve got more coming! Some day’s I just remember an event in my life, and I’m like, “Oh wow, that would be a good podcast episode!

      Thanks’ for hanging with me!

      Much 💕

    • Hi Margaret,

      Thank you much. I’m really glad I pursued it too. I sometimes think, “what if I hadn’t?” I think I would have been a trucker. I love big rigs, and I love long distance driving. I just love music a whole let more, LOL! 😀

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