Composed, Produced and Performed By: David C. Knight
Artwork: Yevhen Karpenko
Distributed By: 41Records LLC
Copyright 2017

When I came up with the idea of writing and recording holistic healing music, I was so hyped! The idea that I, David Knight, a funk/pop/R&B producer, composer, and musician could compose holistic instrumental music felt exciting. That genre had not been a norm throughout my life. Yet I felt I had to, because health, mind, and body have become integral parts of the person I am today.

In 2006, when I changed my life from the ways I grew up eating, thinking, and living to new ways of practicing and living a mind, body, health, and wellness lifestyle, my music changed organically as well.

“The Awakening” is the first song I composed within the holistic instrumental genre. Writing it did not come easy! I found myself going off target. I still believe I missed it. The song sounds more like something from a movie score. Maybe that’s another genre I can explore later in life, LOL!

The song has become one of my favorites, if for no other reason than it’s being my first of its kind! I love the tribal drums that open the song, I remember searching my drum library for the right drum sound and beating the hell out of my drum set during the recording.

“Layering my productions is a skill I learned years ago. In ‘The Awakening’ I took extra care in layering.” I did not want any sound clutter. Remember, the goal was for this to be a holistic, healing song. It had to touch the heart and soul while you’re doing yoga or getting a massage or meditating. Musical clutter disturbers the soul when you’re trying to still the mind and body or to heal.

Truthfully, I believe I missed the holistic mark. Not fully, though! I’ve had yoga instructors tell me they use it in their classes. I think that’s pretty dope!

In the future, my song catalog will include holistic mind-body music. I totally enjoy writing and recording it.

The Awakening is FREE. Go ahead! Click the download button on the audio player.

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