Yesterday I allowed a couple of people to take me into an emotionally painful place. It’s a place that I’ve worked hard to pull myself out of. It’s a painful place that for much of my life I “never lived in.” I’ve worked hard over the past 10yrs to bring myself back from emotional pain! 

Yet, every once in a while I allow others to drag me back in! 

Thankfully, I know how to pull myself out. I keep in mind that people can only do to me what I allow them to do. It’s “all” my fault! They don’t know any better. They are simply being who they are! 
Yesterday was a great reminder that even when I’ve done the work and I’m feeling great in life. There will always be those days life events and people in my life will affect me in negative ways and I will allow it! That’s life! I guess the insight I’m sharing is simple. 

When those days come around. Try and make it a single day of pain if you must. Better yet, a couple of hours!

I’m feeling great today!!!

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