“Life happens,” sometimes we like it, other times, not so much! I never knew taking the Q77 bus to high school each morning would have me dreaming of “that girl!”

That Girl!

1966’s That Girl television show staring Marlo Thomas contributed to the women liberation movement.

It, along with show’s like Mary Tyler Moore, showed women as independent thinkers, earners and yes, they are people!

Marlo played the role of a young single aspiring actrees. Paying, and paving her own way in “a mans” world.

I Am Woman

“I am Woman,” Helen Reddy’s 1971 hit became the national anthem for the women’s liberation movement of the late 1960’s and early 70’s.

Women wanted equal rights, equal pay and an equal life to men. They took to the streets and burned their bras in protest!

September-Earth Wind & Fire

Earth Wind & Fires 1978 September, was a pivotal song for the band. The song dropped the band onto the pop charts.

September did for EW&F what “Easy” did for the Commodores a year earlier.

Many African American R&B and funk bands wanted to cross over to the “white” pop charts, opening up their music to a larger audience of potential fans.

September did just that for this legendary group!

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