Happy Thanksgiving

Back in The Day. The holiday season was always the best! Getting together with my grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles and of course my parents, brings back memories, music and emotions of some of the happiest times of my life.This holiday season. I want to share a special Thanksgiving with you. Thanksgiving day 1974.

My brother's Marc (left) and Anthony (right), my mom and sister Kristina. I was next to my dad, out of the shot. 

My parents were big on holiday celebrations. My grandparents were too! Most Thanksgiving's we spent in Long Island at Nana and Big Daddy's house. Nana would make so much food while us kids ran around like four chicken's with their heads cut off!

I have fond memories of leaving Nana and Big Dad's house and falling fast asleep in the backseat of the car during the twenty minute ride back to Queens. But one Thanksgiving stands out among the rest. And after talking to my brother and sister, Thanksgiving 1974 was the one Thanksgiving that beat them all! What's funny is, nothing spectacular happened! No deep story to tell, no funny event. Only or parents making a choice to spend this holiday with their four children.  A choice I'm happy they made. It produced memories that I could not explain during the podcast episode. The day was full of joy, music, fun, movies, FOOD and quality family time together. It felt like we were living an episode of "The Walton's." I'm John Boy” telling the story!

When I look back on the day. I realized, it was the foundation of how I celebrated holiday's with my children. The fact that nothing special took place is what made it so special. The interaction with my mom and dad, Stevie Wonder playing in the background, the warmth of our home on a cold November day. Everyone seemed busy! Mommy was cooking, dad was doing "STUFF" we were playing. And Silver, our dog was running around with us kids. 

Then the Godzilla marathon came on, hour after hour, Godzilla fighting every monster in the universe, King Kong, Monster Zero, Mothra and more. 

How I see that day now? It bonded the family. We had no idea on that Thanksgiving day, that we’d lose Marc forever, we'd lose Silver our family dog, my parents would separate and we'd leave the family home in Queens and move out to Long Island. Life continued on…

Remember Thanksgiving Day Godzilla Marathons?

Featured Music- Stevie Wonder

What can I can say about Stevie Wonder that has not already been said? In 1974 he released “Fulfillingness First Finale” It became the soundtrack of my families Thanksgiving that same year. It seemed as if it was the only music that played the entire day.

Songs like Boogie on Reggie Women, 10 Zillion Light Years away and Higher Grounds were imprinted in my head forever. They and other Stevie Wonder songs influenced my music at a time when being a musician was not on my radar! This was also the first album he focused tremendously on incorporating synthesizers into his music. He always used synths, but this was the first time they dominated an entire album.

Wilson Pickett

Wicked Pickett, as he was often called. Because he was such an awesome artist on stage and in the studio. 

I was introduced to Wilson Pickett early in my life. His music played loud at my grandparents house. Songs like in The Midnight Hour and 6345-789 were just the beginning of my love for his music. Wilson’s voice was raw, rough and raspy! It’s what I love in a singer, male or female! Yet, he could belt out a high pitched scream that would send chills right to your heart. 

Classic Movie in The Spotlight


I think Earthquake was the pinnacle disaster film of the nineteen-seventies. Utilizing a "star studded" cast of actors including Richard Roundtree and George Kennedy. Earthquake shaked and baked Los Angeles for two hours on the big screen! What made Earthquake such a unique movie was a new audio technology called cinceround. Similar to surround sound. Cinceround put you in the experience. When the Earthquake hit, cincerround made the movie theater rumble! 

It was loud and vibrating. It made you feel like you were in an actually earthquake, well, somewhat! It didn’t matter. You got the point. Earthquake has become a 70's classic, right up there with Airport 75 and the Towering Inferno! 

All you millennial's out there. You’ll should have been born in the 60's. That way you could experience movies like Earthquake before Netflix! Yea, I went there! I said it, LOL!

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