"Take it Higher" Sneak Peak

This was such a fun live stream night! I'm so happy the fans love and embraced Take it Higher.

What excites me about this song is, it's a dance jam! My bass is pumping. The drums are slamming, phat keyboards, and "BIG" orchestrated strings. Oh! And I do a bit of singing on this track too!

Take it higher comes from a very special place in my life. Many of you know that Clayton Gittens, my childhood friend, keyboard player, and co-writer, died last year June. 

Take it Higher was the last song he and I wrote, and recorded together. His keyboard work, really shines on this song so much. I can hear his playing in my head from back in the 70s, creating the very wall of keyboards you hear on Take it Higher!

Clayton, our last song together is magic, thank my brother for 43yrs of friendship, and music.

Fan's!! Let me know what you think of the song. 🎸

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