David Knight Composed Spotify Playlist

My fans and I have created this Spotify playlist. It's PACKED with 4.5 hours of some of the best music ever written and recorded. Best of all, it's the music of our generation. We are actively adding more songs!  We'd like you to contribute your favorite songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
To add your favorite songs to the list, you can put them in the comments below, email me the songs, or send me a message on FB/IG or whatever makes you happy.

⬅️To join the list. Click the Spotify icon in the top right corner on the music player.

I'm sure many of the songs are on your personal playlist. However, this list is a live growing list, and you get to see, and hear what I and other fans enjoy, as well as contributing to my music community.🎸

And of course, share the playlist with family and friends😎

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