Anxiety disorder is tuff! I continue to deal with it everyday. Making the decision to heal from it altered everything and has taught me much. I’ve learned about me as a person, my personality and character. I’ve learned about my past, how to live in present day and how I want to live my future. I think the two biggest lessons I’ve learned have been. One, how to heal myself and two, anxiety disorder is the road to happiness!

Healing Anxiety & Panic Attacks

I have a saying. “It took me a long time to make myself sick. It’s going to take a long time to heal.”

We can deny and believe that sickness just happens. We can think it’s just a part of life and there’s nothing we can do about it, we have no control.

I find that to be false. I believe almost every if not all illness is created either by ourselves or the environment man or we have created.

I fully understand and know how I created my anxiety disorder. I know when it started. I remember monitoring it.

Healing like getting sick is a process. It’s slow and it’s painful. There are no magic pills or “meds” that everyone believes will cure them.

There’s only one cure. Gaining the knowledge to understand how you got sick, learn how to reverse or cure it and do the work.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is understand how the human body works. That alone will open your eyes to knowing you can heal.

Everything is already inside of you!

Believe me, it feels like your body is working against you once your sick. As I continue to work at healing from this. There are days I say, “ok body, what the hell are you doing now?” “Is this healing that I feel or something worst coming?”

You just have to have trust, have faith and be optimistic.

I have another saying. “your body only knows two things. 1) how to live 2) how to survive. It runs on autopilot until you take over.

If you never take over, autopilot is not always the best mode to run in.

My son Marcus and I

Spending time in nature shuts down the sympathetic nervous pretty quick.

My “DIY” Healing Practices

I’ve been on a healing path since 2006. That’s when my body woke up! It was the summer of that year when I decided to change my diet. It was the is winter of 2007 I began working out and getting my body in better shape. I was all of 44yrs old. I’m thankful I began learning and practicing health and wellness back in those days. Those practices are the core therapies I used to heal from anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

As I’ve mentioned. I’m not out of the woods yet. However, I’m doing much better. Every day I feel better and better. I still have “set back” days.

If you think, or if you are dealing with anxiety disorder and panic attacks.
It’s important to first make sure whatever your symptoms and sensations are, see a doctor and rule out anything that might be more serious. Often anxiety disorder sensations and symptoms are similar to more serious illness.

A great example. I thought I was having heart problems because my chest was tight and I had a difficult time breathing. I was also feeling pain in my chest. Those symptoms are similar to heart attack symptoms. Please make sure you have a doctor rule out anything potentially more serious!

Anxiety and panic attacks are physical issues. They turn into psychological, thereby making the problem both mind and body.

I’ll share the short version of my healing process. I’d love to get into the science of all this, but it’s pretty detailed.

Basically, when you’re in a state of anxiety and panic. It’s primarily due to lifestyle and how you think. When you are living a stressful lifestyle and you worry a lot. You’re keeping your sympathetic nervous system stimulated. That’s your flight or fight nervous system. Our “natural” living state is or parasympathetic nervous system. That’s our rest and digest nervous system.

When you are in a constant state of fear, worry, and stress. You’re keeping you sympathetic system on! If you live in that state for a long period of time like I did. The body becomes accustomed to that state/lifestyle.

The brain begins to believe you’re about to fight or run from something all the time, so it prepares its self. It keeps the sympathetic nervous systems “on switch,” on!

Once on, turning it off and turning on the parasympathetic nervous is the BIG challenge! Yes, you can run to the doctor and get drugs. I highly suggest not doing so.

Instead, let me share with you what I’m doing. Please scroll down!

Sounds of Blackness- Optimistic

This is one of the baddest songs in the land. Produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Optimistic has become my mantra over the past two months.

I think the lyric that brought tears to my eyes listening to the song during this experience is. “If things around you crumble. No, you don’t have to stumble and fall. Keep pushing on and don’t you look back.”

I felt like things around me were crumbling. I also now that life falls together and not apart! So even though it felt like my life was falling apart. I knew it was actually falling together.

Besides this song bringing tears to my eyes. Have you heard the bassline? The groove? OMG!!!

Funky for days!!

If you want to be inspired, uplifted and dance your ass off all at once.

This is the jam!

Resource’s I Used to Heal

The Anxiety Center is awesome! The center was founded by Jim Folk. When you hear Jim’s story. You know you’re in the right place. Jim and his team of coaches have put together a website full of information about Anxiety Disorder, Panic and Depression. Tons of information no matter what level you’re on.

They have a team of coaches. My coach is Stacey. They also have “recovery support.” You can sign up for one month, six months or a year. I did a year for $39.99. Once you’re a member. The level of self-help that’s available is priceless!

Please note: Once you are over the moderate-mild stage. It’s highly recommended you seek a coach!

Dr. Christine Roache is working wonders on my gut. As I mentioned in the show episode. I took a whole body approach. I know the gut plays a major role in anxiety and panic.

Dr. Roache has put together a protocol for me that targets acid reflux, leaky gut, IBS, anxiety & panic, and brain fog. We also had to reseed my gut flora. Antibiotics wiped everything out during the surgery.

Once you have your gut tested she will create a specific treatment for what your body needs.

You should consider doing this even if you are in good health!

There is one healing therapy that I do not like. Breathwork! I don’ t like how it makes me feel during the process. Breathing in and out. It’s just something that’s not for me.

I have known about its healing powers. Yet, I still avoided doing breathwork over the years. Unfortunately, breathwork effects the parasympathetic nervous system almost right away!

Often when I could not eat, all I had to do was ten minutes of breathwork and I was able to get food down. Not perfectly, but I could eat and that’s most important in my situation.

My wife turned me onto an app to help me with breathwork. She knew I hated doing it!

I downloaded the app and after several days of resisting using it and many panic attacks later I loaded it up on my iPhone. “Amazing” is the only word. Breathing Zone is a very simple app. The guided breathwork is very focused. You can select how long you want to go, one minute, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes or more.

You can adjust the breath speeds as well as long breaths and short breath or a combination of long and short.

When I started using this app. That’s when I began to notice my body responding. It was the miracle pill. Not the app, but breathwork. The app helps because it’s so focused.

Gina Ryan’s “Anxiety Coaches Podcast was the first show I listened to! The entire months of June and July, I sat down in Fort Tryon parks lawn and listened to Gina.

Several of Gina’s therapies she suggested worked for me, including journaling, reading and laying on the lawn!

Gina had anxiety disorder back in the 90’s. I respect her work because she healed her anxiety when there was no real help. These days we have the internet and tons of information and resources at our fingers.

Gina being able to heal her anxiety during that era is nothing short of amazing. Everyone talks about her calm voice in each episode. Her show provides suggestions, resources, and tips on how to work with your anxiety. And if you need to go deeper. You can sign up to have Gina as a coach.

It was Gina that brought the reality of having to “not panic,” during a panic attack! Ugh!

An awesome podcast!

This is my “go to” anxiety podcast.  Shann & Ananga approach anxiety via Ayurveda practices. Ancient healing practices from India. A practice I’ve embraced since 2007. Though I’m on a good path to healing. I continue to listen to their show, because, the information and new knowledge they provide is priceless!

What I like about the show is, they focus on individual types of anxiety, like having a panic attack while driving! I continue to have that problem, though it’s under much better control.

I find natural methods of healing and reversing anxiety is the best way. These ladies tell you how during the show and more in-depth in their courses.

They are supporters of EFT tapping. I have to admit. I’ve never tried it. I’ve known about it for years and I hear nothing but good things about it.

Further, the guest they select for the show are nothing short of awesome! I’ve learned much from each episode and their guest, increasing my resources and practices.

The Anxiety Slayer Podcast is how I was able to understand and develop a mind said that allowed me to tell myself.

“David, to heal from this you have to slowly and quietly walk away from anxiety and panic using the holistic and wellness practices I’ve known over the past 11yrs.”

Their show made that very clear to me. Once I got it and put it to practice consistently, changes started happening.

Dr. Louis Abate is in charge of my spinal cord. Truama and the negative energy it creates often gets trapped in our spinal cord, body tissues and musicle. Dr. Abate, a traditional chropractor also specializes in network energy. The practice of moving negative energy out of the body.

Since 2007. Meditation has been a staple in my health practice. It just works! The benifits out weigh the time spent in practice. Many people including me have found it difficult to focus during meditation. We can’t shut the brain off.

During meditation thoughts pop in all the time. Using a guided meditation helps stop mind drifting. It still drifts, just not as much. The key minimizing mind drift is coming back and focusing on one thing. Be it a candle flame you’re looking at or by listening to a sound or guided meditation.

My wife and I use the Silva method. We find it works best for us. They have what they call the alpha sound in the background. I find that sound to effect my brain in a positive way.

This meditation is also deep relaxation. They guide you to relax your entire body from head to toe.

David Gates

Before I got hooked on Lionel Richie and The Commodores. David Gates and the band Bread were a big influence on me. Keep in mind this was David Knight “the fan,” not the young musician.

His love songs would capture my attention at the age of 9yrs old! Often at that time. I did not know it was him. I did’t find out his name and the bands name until 1975 when “Make it With You” was released.

To this very day. That continues to be one of my favorite songs ever.

Watch this video. David, now 77yrs old talking about the inspiration for the song “Everything I Own”


Partridge Family Bloopers!!

This was classic television back in the day. My siblings and I spent years watching The Partridge Family. These bloopers are great!





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