After weeks of begging and pleading. In April 1973. My dad finally gave in and bought us a dog. It was not our first dog. In fact, it was our fourth dog! A beautiful Weimaraner. We named him Silver.

Silver was the perfect dog. My dad, brother and the woman we purchased Silver from trained him to be a show dog. Silver won first prize at every show he competed in!

He protected our home and each individual child. It was common while watching a Sunday night Disney special, for one of my siblings or I do get up and go to the bathroom. Silver would escort us to and from the bathroom, not leaving our side until we were back in the living room on the floor watching television. 

Daddy and Silver-the power struggle. Silver lost!

About a year after we had Silver. My brother Marc and I went to see the movie "The Daring Doberman Gang." This is a fun movie! A gang of bad guys wanted to rob a bank, but they did not want to run the risk of getting caught. They came up with a great idea. Let's get a gang of Doberman Pinchers to rob the bank. 

Silver going for Kristina's plate. I think Kris lost, LOL!

They trained the dogs to attack when commanded, carry bags of money and much more. Marc and I thought this was cool! We decided to train Silver to be like the dogs in the movie. Off we go teaching Silver how to attack, how to sit and more. Keep in mind folks. Silver was already a "first prize" award-winning dog! What more could Marc and I teach him to do? But hey, two kids with a vision. What could go wrong? A lot!

Listen and find out!

Oil Pulling 

I'm excited about sharing my lifestyle, health and wellness stories and practices with you. My goal is not to change anyone! But to provide you with ideas and resources that have improved my health, lifestyle and well being.

Oil pulling is the first practice I'd like to share. My wife Maggie told me about oil pulling several years ago. Overall, I have good teeth. Despite the one front tooth Silver knocked out in 1975. Ugh, that dog!

Most if not all holistic doctors address the entire body. Meaning, if you have a heart issue. They don't just look at the heart and that's it! They look at everything leading up to the heart problem. Including, your emotions, food, thoughts and feelings, lifestyle and more. Many will not work on your health problem until your mouth is cleaned up. They know the mouth provides early warning signs of potential health problems. They also know that the mouth contributes to health problems!

Years ago, my mouth was full of tarter. So bad, at times, it would crack off when brushing my teeth. Other times it would happen just because! My visits to the dentist would become nightmares. They'd often have to do scaling. The process of scraping the tartar off of your teeth. It's an extremely painful process!

When I finally decided to take charge of my health. I began flossing my teeth. My teeth were so bad from years of neglect, it was a painful, smelly and a very bloody task!

Often when flossing, the tartar was so bad. It would "cut" the dental floss because it was so sharp between my teeth! I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me getting my teeth into good health. That's when oil pulling came in and saved the day and my teeth.

Hear the full story

Oil Pulling Benefits

  • Reduces mouth inflammation
  • Improves gum health
  • Removes plaque and tartar (that was my experience)
  • Helps remove food from between teeth
  • Reduces bad breath
  • Over all heals gums and the mouth
  • A lot more, some that has worked fo me, some I think is a crock, but everyones experience is different!

My Oil Pulling Practice

When I first started out. My mouth was pretty "plaqued up!" I commited to oil pulling a minimum of five days a week for the recommended twenty minutes. For a solid year. At times I did it every day. I timed myself to make sure I did twenty minutes. Once I got the feel of the twenty minutes. I stopped timing myself. My results a year later were amazing.

I use organic "raw/unfiltered" coconut oil. Some people use sesame seed oil. I tried sesame seed oil. It did not work as well for me. For others it works better than coconut oil. 

As great as oil pulling is. I did not only oil pull. As part of my mouth theropy. Before oil pulling I flossed my teeth. Removing old and rotten food from between my teeth. I learned that rotting foods is a major cause of bad breath, mouth and gum infections and more. Flossing is very important! It increased the oil pulling effects 10 fold because it allowed the oil to get deeper into the gums where the food was once blocking. 

After flosing and oil pulling I brushed my teeth. Talk about having a feel good clean mouth! Over a short period of time I started noticing a difference in my breath, the over all feel in my mouth, plaque being removed sensitive teeth "no more," and more. 

Like anything that has to do with nature. It takes time. You cannot expect to see a change in a few days. When it comes to the body. Over all it takes two weeks of a strick regimented practice of "anything" and you'll see results. 

Currently, I oil pull about three times per week. I floss about every other day. I learned that once you get your mouth in shape. Flossing every day is not cool. For me, it tends to cut into the gumbs a bit much. But you be the judge on your mouth.

Also when I oil pull now. I add oregano oil to the coconut oil. It helps remove bacteria, cleans and freshes the mouth.

Note: I do not use any mainstrem toothpastes. I don't use any toothpastes that has floride in it. Floride is not healthy, period!

Note: I am not a dentist or a doctor. I am a musician, composer. Please "consult with a healthcare professional" that listens to you, takes what you say to heart and is willing to work with you. Remember, it's your body. No one knows it better than you! 

Featured Artist: Sly & The Family Stone

Family Affair is one of those songs that depicts the ups and downs of family life. Strapped with a funky groove! Sly Stone and his band dig into the experiences of family relationships and how we struggle with them.

"One child grows up to be, somebody who just loves to learn. Another child grows up to be, somebody you just love to burn. Mom loves the both of them. You see it's in the blood. Both kids are good to mama, blood's thicker than the mud it's a family affair."

Lyrics like this challenge us to look deeper into our families matters. There's something to be said for a song that's almost 50yrs old and the subject matter continues to be relevant in the present day.

When do we look at our families? Clearly, with my current family matters, I will once again have to put a spotlight on me! In doing so, I believe I will be more effective in navigating the currents of my family.

Featured Artist: Harry Nilsson

The song Zoom by the Commodores is my favorite getaway song. But if I had to pick a second, it would be Harry Nilsson's Everybody's Talking at Me. It's the song to jump in your car, roll the windows down and cruise on a sunny and mild Sunday morning.

"I'm going where the sun keeps shining, threw the pouring rain, going where the weather suits my clothes."

I remember in the late 1960s getting up early Sunday mornings with my dad. We'd jump in the car, and as we backed out of the driveway. Everybody's Talking would come on the radio, my dad would roll his window down and tell me to roll down mine. He'd then roll down the back window of the station wagon with the paneling on the sides as we cruised down the block. Off to get the Sunday edition of the New York Times newspaper!

The radio DJ would often play the song "Sonny," right after Everybody's Talking! What great memories!

Related Song: Tavares

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