Sex Machine

During my life, I have learned and continue to learn a lot. I wish I could say the lessons of my youth were more profound than the lessons in adulthood. I find that they are different lessons, for different reasons at specific times in my life. My first sexual experience taught me two great lessons.

As adolescents and teens. We wonder what our first sexual experience will be like and who will it be with. Unlike most guys. I didn't have my first experience with sex until I was seventeen. My mom would always say, "David, you're a late bloomer." Sex was no different. My first sexual encounter took place on Saturday, September 1st, 1979.

It was also the year I got my first real job. I was a camp counselor and assistant lifeguard. I met another counselor and the senior lifeguard that summer, her name was Robin. Robin, and I teased each other all summer long. This lead to her asking me, "when was I going to make love to her?" She asked me this on a bus full of camp kids! I was shocked, but my brain was saying, "yeah baby, we're going to have sex!"

The perfect chance came when my parents had to drive my brother to his first year of college. My sister and I were to go to band practice, and then back home where Nana would pick us up and take us back to her house for the weekend. Instead, I made plans to connect with Robin for our little sex fest!

All was going as planned. My sister left to a friends house, Robin arrives at 9am, after my dog Coco gave her a slob down as he jumped and barked all over her, up to my room we went! I was shy, nervous, scared and excited at the same time. After all, other than family. This was the first time I'd see a girl with no clothes on!

She pulls out a bag of weed better known as a joint back in the day. Asked me if I wanted some. I said, "no, I don't smoke." She enjoyed her joint as I put the Commodores album "Midnight Magic" on my record player. I played "Still" first, even though it's the last song on side one. I knew the record player would start the album from the beginning once "Still" had played through. The mood was set. She has a buzz, I have Lionel Richie and The Commodores playing in the background all systems are GO!

Hour, after hour, after hour, our systems are still going! 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, taking short breaks to recharge our systems, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, break, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, it was madness! Finally, we had enough. We put our clothes back on she goes home and I get on my bike to go to band practice. That's when horrible kicked in!

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Pen Pal

Back in the day we oftern had pen pals in elementary school. We'd write to kids in other schools and they'd write back to us. It was a lot of fun getting to know new kids. 

"Back in The Dave" Pen Pal is similar. Listener's email me their thoughts about a particular show, or to tell me about something happening in thier life or an event in thier past that an episode reminded them of, or sometimes just to chat with me. Personally, I love it!

This episodes pen pal comes from Peggy. She touched on something I felt needed to be put into the spotlight.

Peggy wrote:

Hi Dave,
I just finished listening to Two Hearts yesterday. I loved the story about Roy Orbison. I had no idea he was into RC. The store clerk mentioned he was so pale. I wonder if he already was not feeling well at that point. I had previously told you that I liked Roy and sent a YouTube video of a favorite performance of mine.

I also loved the OC Smith music. The only song I ever knew of his was Little Green Apples. The song about Father was really powerful.

I have to say that listening to your podcast has really broadened my horizons. Not only musically, but in other ways as well. You and I are from different parts of the country, different races, and different ages. But I find that we have so much in common. I love hearing about people's lives, learning about different cultures and then building on that. You sure have made me remember things from my past, too. I know you love sharing things with us and me, for one, am very appreciative. I think the world would be a better place and there would be much less strife if we all just listened to each other to find our commonalities.

I just started Christmas Eve and wanted you to know my husband's name is Randy ☺️

Thanks for being you, Dave!!

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Featured Music-Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye, the royal prince of Motown. What a painful life he lived. Such a sensitive soul and a beautiful human being.

Marvin was one if not the first to bring sex to mainstream music. He was such an openly sexual person. Yet it was wrapped in love! Songs talked about sex, romance and making love. I believe it was Marvin who opened the door to artist like Barry White and Teddy Pendergrass. They took it over the top!

Unfortunately, Marvin like too many artists had deep emotional pain leading to drug abuse and more. I often wish the same level of understanding that exists today on emotional pain existed back in the day.

James Brown

It's no secret that James Brown was the godfather of soul music. The creator of funk his music was the backdrop of life during the 1960s into the early '70s. A master of dance. Jame's Brown created or took into mainstream dances like the camel walk and the mash potatoes.

He was a major influence on younger artists like Prince and Michael Jackson.

During a recent interview. Bass player Bootsy Collins tells how James Brown insisted he accents the first beat (better known as "the one" in musicians lingo) of every message in the song. That was the key to his funk!

This worked out good for Bootsy. After leaving James Brown's band. He landed on the mother-ship with George Clinton of Parliment Funkadelic and brought "the one" with him. More funk history was made spinning off from James Brown.

Though many of stories have been told that James was not the nicest person on the block. His music, dance and the person he put out to the public was awesome! And I guess at the end of the day. That's all anyone can ask because no one is perfect. 

Classic Movie-Alien

Alien was the first movie I can remember when the monster looked real. You could not tell it was a puppet as in previous movies like Jaws and King Kong.

The other part of Alien that was equally as good, was the story. Prior to this movie, the idea of being trapped on a space station with a maniac monster had never been done. There was no way out and the monster ruled!

It's hard to believe that Alien is 40yrs old and has become a classic movie. It has become a franchise that included mega fights with the Predator!

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