As a bass player, the drummer is my clock. My job is to stay locked in with the clock and to put the "bottom" in the song. When I think of the many drummers I've played, with and the famous drummers I admire like Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham, Steve Gadd, and many more, one of the badest drummers is RAH. We've been close friends for over twenty years!

Introducing you to RAH and his music has me so "gassed up" it's crazy. He's recently released his latest album, Gods Music and you're about to experience one of the badest drummers on the planet!


A Bronx-born musical prodigy, Richard Adolphus Harrison had a determination to release his own body of work. With God’s Music, the determination pays off in a well-curated blend of jazz, soul, and all the tones of Richard Harrison’s natural talent and variety of influences

In 1970, when he was just 8 years old, Richard’s sister Linda took him to meet Michael Bonds, and during the band break, Richard went up and made himself at home in the percussion section. Bonds recognized Richard’s natural talent for rhythm, and encouraged him to keep up with music. Thus, by age 10, Richard started drum lessons.

On a vacation on Ocho Rios at the Playboy Club Resort, the 12-year-old Richard would sneak practices on the house band’s drum set. One day, the house band’s drummer caught him and taught him Calypso beats and encouraged him to sit in on the band’s regular set – an experience that

kickstarted a career as a freelance drummer to musicians across a wide variety of genres. His recording work resume include Eye & I (also part of tour), Radiance, James White and the Blacks (also James Chance), Ragan Whiteside, and Aziza Miller, among many other musicians throughout the New York City Tristate.

Richard had also toured with Les Rita Mitsouko, Lilo Thomas, Freda Payne, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Oliver Lake, Grandmaster Melly Mel and The Furious Five, Atlantic Starr, Defunkt, Johnny Copeland, Junior Walker, Jack Sass, and many more.

In 1983, Richard appeared on Gimme A Break! on the episode entitled “The Big Apple – Part 1” (S. 3 Ep. 17) as the drummer backing Nell Carter’s cover of George Benson’s “On Broadway”. In 1996, he had an appearance backing Xscape in their performance of “All This Love” for an episode of New York Undercover, entitled “Sympathy for the Devil” (S. 2 Ep. 44)

In 2000, Richard Harrison became an instructor with the Boys Club of New York as part of their music program in Harlem, where he taught youths aged 6 through 19 the art of percussion and drums. His star pupils include Shajuan Andrews, who received an endorsement from Vic Firth and is the creator of TWS, and Shariq Tucker, who won the 2014 Guitar Center Drum-Off Competition and, among many prizes, received a sponsorship with Zildjian.

Most recently, Harrison recorded with Ragan Whiteside on her latest release Treblemaker, gracing the hit singles “See You At the Getdown”, “Early Arrival”, and “Corey’s Bop”, which charted as Top 10 across all Smooth Jazz radio charts, including Billboard, RadioWave, Media Base,, among others. He was part of her band for the 2006 Capital Jazz New Artist competition, and continues to play as part of Ragan Whiteside’s live band at her NYC-area appearances.

Harrison is the owner of Pop Babe Publishing, established in the honor of his great-grandfather, the Tuskegee Airman and pianist Charlie Williams. Pop Babe Publishing is a member of Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI), and its catalog consists of original and collaborative music of Harrison’s endeavors under RichSource Music Production, wherein he records, produces, and advises artists on the growth of their sound. Richard and his wife, Thelma, co-founded the label RAHPRO Entertainment in 2017, whose ongoing production projects include Harrison’s solo debut, God’s Music.

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