In 1979 Prince's first song, "I Wanna Be Your Lover" was released. I did not like the song or Prince. To me, Prince was out of the norm. I have to admit. At the age of 17, mainstream normal was all I understood!

Prince was different. I first stumbled across him when scanning through the Village Voice newspaper in 1978. "I Wanna Be Your Love" was a year away from being released. I remember staring at the picture of him performing on stage at an NYC village night club. I think it was the Bottomline. To me, it was simple. this guy was a wack-a-do!

Prince did not look clean cut and polished like Motown artists. He didn't even look cool, far out and funky like Sly and The Family Stone did.

Once his music was released. It only grew worst! Vocally, he sounded like a girl singing. But the girls loved him! They started comparing him to me! Why? We both played "guitars," we both played several instruments, well I was still learning. We both supposedly looked alike. We both had big afros and that was it in my opinion.

It took years before I would consider Prince a serious artist. Yet his career was everything I dreamed mine would be! The interesting thing is. Prince, somehow, some way affected my life and my music.

I have three story's I want to share with you on how Prince was always there running in the background of my life!

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Featured Artist: Prince

Featured Song: I Feel For You

In 1984 when Chaka Khun covered Prince's "I Feel For You." I was SHOCKED! It was amazing to me from a recording and production perspective. I remembered the song from Prince's 1979 premiere album. I did not like the song very much, I thought Prince's version was weak! I still feel that way about it.

Unless you're a die-hard Prince fan. Chaka took the song from Prince and made it her own. The world knows it as Chaka's song. Power drums, stabbing synths, Melle Mel's rap, and Chaka's power vocals. Then the cherry topper, Steve Wonder blowing his harmonica! It doesn't get any better.

I had never, ever heard a cover song taken from zero to one hundred like that before. To this very day. I'm still in amazement of how they heard the song so different from the original version.

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