This past weekend, my wife and I took off to the Catskill mountains. A two-hour and thirty-minute drive north from our home in Manhattan. I love spending time in the mountains. My mother's youngest brother (uncle Marty) built a home in the Catskills back in the early '80s. He'd bug me at every family get-together and holiday event to "come on up and camp out with us!"

In my late teens at the time, dating my girlfriend and playing in my hot band. Cooling out camping was not my idea of a fun weekend! During that time in my life, fun was going to the movies with my girl, band rehearsals, shows, gigs, and recording sessions. Hell, that's still fun to me in the present day!
But my uncle kept talking to me about it, year after year, 

Dave, come on up, come on up, come on up! Here's a little insight into my uncle. The family gave him the nickname of "Grizzle Adams." My uncle Marty is an avid hunter and skier. Those are his passions. As such, in my mind at the age of nineteen. I was like, "there's no way I'm going to hang out on a mountain with the rest of my family, going to the bathroom in the forest and using leaves as toilet paper! That's not a "Davey D thing!" I turned him down year after year.

Divorce does funny things to a man, at least to this man it did. In 1995, I took him up on his mountain adventure. I've been hooked ever since! Going into the mountains became a weekend thing I'd do with my kids during the '90s and early 2000s. My daughter and youngest son hated it; my middle son loved it! I did not care at the time. I was going, and they had to come with me. We'd get up at 5am and hit the road!
Since they are now adults. I'm remarried with another son, launched my record label, and now my solo career. Getting into the mountains is not as easy as it once was. But I need it now more than ever! My panic attacks and stress levels have been so high since June of 2018. Life has been very limiting.

Finding peace in today's world seems to be fading more and more. I know getting out of the city and into the mountains will give me peace of mind, relax my body, turn on my parasympathetic nervous system and allow me to heal deeper from anxiety and panic attacks.

The weekend started with the drive-up. That's one of the most exciting parts of the getaway. I love to drive, though panic attacks now limit my driving since June 2018. The ability to drive at full capacity continues to be a challenge.

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