On Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve in 1972, my siblings and I woke up in the middle of the night only to find that we were home alone. Our parents had gone to my dad's store where they hid our presents. To our surprise, upon walking into the living room, the Christmas tree was all lit up and smelled of fresh pine and it happened to be snowing outside!

Many of our gifts were already under the tree, and much to our surprise, they were unwrapped! This was a child paradise when the cats away the mice will play!

Excited out of our minds!  We started plowing through the boxes. My older brother Anthony started handing out gifts as if he was Santa Claus! “Here Dave this is for you,” “I think this is for you Marc,” “oh and I think this one is for me!”  

Then we heard a car door slam in the driveway, startled, we knew our parents had come home! We start freaking out! Because we know we have less than 5 minutes to put the boxes back under the tree the way our parents left them! We start stumbling and bumbling over each other like the keystone cops!

Now the car trunk slams closed, and I can hear my moms voice getting closer and closer and I can feel my dad's impact trimmers from his feet as they open the front door into the hallway. If we get caught, we knew we’d be in hot water and it would truly be a Christmas to remember.

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Pen Pal

Leslie writes-

I was listening to Broken Hearted on the way to work this morning. WOW!  Your willingness to be honest and vulnerable is inspiring. I think I’ve put up so many walls with other people to keep from getting hurt that I wonder if *I* even know who I am!  Your stories and memories make me recall similar experiences, but I guess they’re repressed. Haha

Thanks again for what you’re doing!


My thought's/reply,

Being transparent and open is not easy. Putting "you," out there leaves you open to being hurt! It gives people something to hold over your head. Or does it? I worked at being transparent, honest and vulnerable. I wish I could say it was fun. There was a lot of fear because I didn't know what people would think of me. But I had to not worry about that and do what I felt was best for me.

What I discovered was by being vulnerable and honest made life easier. No one could hurt me, they can't hold things over my head because I already put it out there. 

When we put up walls as Leslie mentioned, over time, we begin to wonder who we are. We believe the walls keep us from getting hurt, but in reality, we are only hurting ourselves with the wall. 

Living live more transparent, honest and vulnerable allows us to let it all go.

Featured Music

When I became a musician. I always wanted to do a version of the classic Christmas song, "The Little Drummer Boy." .I called my childhood friend "C" to play keyboards and Carl Bartlett Jr. to play sax. By the time they were done. All I had to do was add the bells and whistles! 

Classic TV in The Spotlight- Christmas Cartoon!

Rudolph The Red Nosed Raindeer, Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty and more were the cherry on top of the cake during the holiday back in the day. These shows filled the hearts of some many children, including my siblings and I. 

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