Part 2 of 1977. A year that saw so many game-changing events. I could not cover it all in the first episode. I was 15yrs old and it was the official year that I actively started pursuing my music. It was the year that I also joined my first band, M-U-1. Looking back on that year now. I kind of remember myself just observing it all and trying to process everything in my head. You know like when you’re watching a television show and they film a person just standing there as everything is happening around them at a fast speed. That’s how I felt!

The years current events, the launch of the Apple 2 computer, a second movie blockbuster and much more! The one thing I will never forget about 1977 is, all of the awesome music and major hits. It felt like everyone had a number one hit song in 1977!

Rap “Breaks” Ground

Born August 11th,1973. Rap began bubbling up to the surface in 1977. It finally exploited in 1979 with the release of the Sugar Hill Gangs “Rappers Delight.”

This video “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five set the foundation on how rap/music can tell a story and the whole world would listen!

Roots Mini Series

Slavery landed in America’s living rooms in January 1977. It was the first time the country visually saw the horrors of slavery. I think many African Americans were in shock by the images they saw.

We all heard the story’s from family members growing up. Roots made it real for the first time.

Big Dad

Many people believe slavery was a long time ago. This is my grandfather. Solomon Knight (Big Daddy). He was born in 1913. Forty eight years after the Civil War. His best friend was his grandfather while growing up. His grandfather was a former slave. He knew the “ole civil war vets.” He remembered hearing them talk about the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln.

Many of the people and family members he grew up with were former slaves. Many of those same people knew my dad!

Big Daddy died at the age of 96. In the year 2009! He has not been gone for a full ten years yet. He witnessed the election of the first African American president! Imagine his thoughts.

Can you read this story and still think slavery was a long time ago? Not me. Not when I was able to pick up the phone and speak to a man who knew and loved former slaves.


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