Did You Miss Me?

I can’t believe it’s been a year. One whole year that I took off from music, podcasts, articles, and most creative activities! What did I do, you ask?
Not much of anything. My goal was to heal from my off-the-charts anxiety and panic attacks. Did it work? Nope!

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Will Smith, and Chris Rock are Weak!

What the world watched in shock and disbelief last night during the Oscars was two extremely strong men in an unfortunate situation, at one time or another in life, we all wish we had not said, or done something to a loved one, friend, or colleague. But we are human, and it happens. Most of the time, it does not result in getting slapped.

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When I made a decision to become a bass player in the spring of 1976. I had one big problem, actually two. The first was, I didn’t have a bass guitar! The second was. My mom and dad did not want to buy me a bass, so I took my case to a higher court!

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I Am

I often have in-depth conversations with my children. Recently I had a conversation with my oldest son Kyle. I found myself coming away from the conversation with a different perspective of my life.

I want to share what I discovered with you. Maybe, you will feel the same as I do!

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Easy Vs. Zoom

Over the decades. I found myself debating with different people, musicians, and regular folks as to which song has stood the test of time, Easy, or Zoom? The most recent debate was with my wife Maggie, she feels it’s Easy, I say Zoom.

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Checking in with you

How’s your summer? Are you having fun? Are you staying cool? Are keeping yourself hydrated? Are you remaining safe from that “thing” going around out there? Most of all, are you listening to music and letting it thrill your soul?

I pray all of your answers are yes?

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