Let me tell you!


After decades of writing, producing and recording music for other artists.
I’m officially launching my solo music career. I’m the artist now! Writing and producing for myself.

I’ve been re-inspired by my thirty-eight-year music catalog of pop, R&B, funk and dance music that I’ve been holding onto for this moment! I’ve also been collaborating with musicians on new songs too! But what excites me most is, writing songs with the quality and creativity of how music was composed and recorded back in the day!

In those days I was a “super fan” before becoming a musician and songwriter! Many of the artists and songwriters were my early influences. My songwriting roots, creativity and quality are grounded in that era. They are my idols!

I tried embarking on a solo career over twenty years ago. But my family responsibilities and life just didn’t allow it. Now I’m ready!

I’m extremely excited about this phase of my life! And I want to share my excitement with you.

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  • Very exciting news Dave and very happy that you’re making your dreams come true. I’ve no doubt that this new phase will be a success and will open more doors for opportunities. Wishing you all the luck buddy and anxiously awaiting your first “Live Event”. Peace!

    • Mike,

      Thank you so much for you’re kind words and belief in me. You have no idea how much it seriously means to me. I’m so looking forward to all that this can bring!

    • Hi Margaret,

      It’s so exciting to me too! Thank you for visiting the website. I appreciate you taking the time to stop and look. And to leave a comment. That’s priceless! Much love!


  • Good luck with your new project. Can’t wait to hear it. Just remember a little jazzy with a hint of Latin influence is not a bad thing. Sorry man that’s my new project. (Lol) . Excited for you.

    • Thank you, Richard. I hear you! I know it’s not a bad thing at all. I do actually have a Salsa Jazz song called Lyla. Named after my firstborn granddaughter. I do plan to release it in the near future.

      Thank you for visiting the site. Most of all taking the time to leave a comment. That’s cool peas man.

    • Hazel, hi!

      Thank you for checking out my site and especially for leaving a kind word.

      It’s very much appreciated. I’m very excited about releasing new music for you to hear!

      Much love


  • I’m excited for/with you. I can’t wait to see and hear what you have in store for everyone. I still remember some of the songs you played for me, and taught me back in the day. I’m sure you’ve put your heart, soul and passion into this project, I’m buckling my seat belt.

    • Thank you, Rea, for visiting the site and for leaving me a comment.

      I remember teaching you “Whatcha Gonna Do For Me.” That’s still one of my favorite songs!! I have so much planned for the future with my music and career.

      It’s all very exciting!!??❤️

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