I got my first “real” bass guitar in 1977. Up until that time. For an entire year. I had been playing the four bass strings on my sister’s acoustic guitar. It drove me nuts but I had to prove to my family I was serious about playing bass before they’d fork up the money to buy one for me.

At the same time. A new funk band who called themselves “Slave,” released their first single, “Slide.” That song became my bass playing anthem! I drove my family crazy playing that song. And how I learned about the band and the song was even crazier!

It’s been over forty years since I picked up the bass and started playing. I’ll never forget. The first bass line I played was not Slide!

It was 25 or 6 to 4 by the band Chicago. I remember goose bumps and my hair standing up on my arms when I hear myself playing.

It’s pretty amazing when we discover something that we love! The joy we find in doing it. The inner peace and focus it brings. It can often help us shut out the “LOUDNESS” of the world and provide inner peace.

Though I don’t play my bass as much as I use to. It has become a tool for my song writing and music production. I do have those days when I go “back in the day, sit on my bed, pull out an album, pick up my bass and get lost!

I need that every now and then. What about you?

Slave Performing “Slide” Live!

I remember staying up late to watch Slave on the Midnight Special or Don Kurshner’s Rock Concert. Back in the day. These show’s were awesome for exposing new talent and helping established artists to grow bigger.

I’d make it a point to have my bass in hand. I’d play along with Marc Adams, the bass player for Slave as they performed on television!

Remember the Saturday night late night line up? It was Saturday Night Live, The News, The Mid Night Special with Wolfman Jack and Don Kurshner’s Rock Concert. When you finished watching all of this. It was 2am!! Those were the days.

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