As our nation washes hands, disinfects living spaces and workspaces and practice's social distancing, it's also a really good idea to build your immune system. 80% of your immune system lives in your gut.

The intestines absorb nutrients and dump them into your blood. The bloodstream distributes the nutrients throughout your body including the immune system. Except if your intestinal tract walls are blocked by dry and impacted excrements, eating healthy and building your immune system is pointless.

The first step I took towards building my immune system was to clean my intestinal tract. I do this "naturally," using a product I love, Oxy-Power.

Oxy-Powder basically is clean oxygen in a capsule. Imagine if you were able to scrub the insides of your intestines using a "peroxide type" oxygen bubbles every time you took a shower! That's how Oxy-Powder works.

Oxy-Powder scrubs dried up and backed up waste off of your intestinal tract walls and flushes it out, allowing the walls to do their job of absorbing nutrients into the body and the immune system.

 In my way of thinking. Before you can discuss any level of building your immune system, you should first clean your gut. Otherwise, you, yourself are a living and walking garbage can!

Simultaneously with everything else we're doing to protect our lives from the Coronavirus. This "should be first!"

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Oxy-Powder along with Latero-Flora is how I did my intestinal trac cleanse. 

Latero-Flora helps to put good bacteria back into your gut. 

I recommend you follow Global Healings "Colon Cleanse" program.

The benefits are amazing and to me, before you can begin to talk about building your immune system, you must clean your intestinal trac.

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