Session Summary

In session two, we looked back on session one and why I believe it's important to cleanse your intestinal tract before trying to build your immune system. 

The intestinal tract is your body's waste management system. 

It's important to keep the intestinal tract clean because it's responsible for absorbing nutrients and dumping them into the bloodstream. 

If the intestinal tract walls are blocked with dried waste, it prohibits them from absorbing vitamins, nutrients, and minerals and placing them into the bloodstream. These nutrients are the important elements that the body and the immune system need to be strong and protect you from viruses and other illnesses. 

Once I clean out my intestinal tract, the next thing I do is slowly get back into eating healthy. I do this by taking small steps! Instead of introducing unhealthy foods into my clean body, I introduce healthy foods that matter into my body.

I like to make healthy teas using spring water, ginger, and cayenne pepper. Sometimes I'll add a little maple syrup.

I eat raw salads that include spinach, chickpeas, avocado, arugula, carrots, and more. I top it off with my wife's salad dressing, see below!

I eat plenty of fresh organic fruits. Especially fruits that are alkaline based like, pineapple, oranges, grapefruit (I hate grapefruit), lemons, limes, and strawberries. I eat fruits that are strong antioxidants like blueberries, raspberries, and nectarines.

Once I've gotten healthy foods into the system, the next thing I do is drink plenty of fresh water. I do not drink tap water at all!

It appears that Poland Spring and Fiji seem to be the best bottled-waters. I'm not a fan of having to buy water, but it is what it is. Drink water! Stay hydrated as often as you can. 

I love the health benefits of juicing, but I'm still not a fan of making it. The prep and clean up time drive me crazy. 

Below are the ingredients I use for my basic juice. I've also included a juicing book (see below) for those of you who wish to experiment and make other types of juice. 

My goal is to drink one glass of juice as the first thing in my body in the morning. I do this because I feel my newly awakened body needs to get all of the nutrients it can get before my digestive system and metabolism kick into high gear. I drink another glass in the afternoon, normally after 1 pm but before 3 pm. This gives me an extra boost of energy for the late day. Then I make sure I drink a final glass before going to bed. I feel, at night, while my body is getting it's eight hours of rest to clean and restore, it needs nutrients to help it.

These are the basic things I've done to build my immune system long before COVID 19, but now that the virus is here, I feel it's more important to at least do the basics. 

Keep in mind that when you practice these things, it relaxes the body. Eating heavy and eating unhealthy foods stresses the body which in turn compromises your immune system. 

Max & Relax the body first!


Maggie's Olive Oil & Basil Dressing

My wife created this salad dressing back in 2006. Maggie is a very creative person on many levels!

She knew how much I hated salads back in those day's, but when I changed my lifestyle she came up with this dressing so I could "choke" a couple of salad's down per day. 

I've sense learned how to make it, it's easy but takes a minute to really lock it in.

I find you have to experiment with the amount of the ingredients. If not, one ingredient will over power others.


  • Olive Oil 1 TBL Spoon
  • Garlic Powder 1 TBL Spoon
  • Basil 1 TBL Spoon
  • Apple Cider Vinegar 3 TBL Spoons
  • Liquid Amino 3 TBL Spoons
  • Black Pepper Pinch
  • Water 3 TBL Spoons


The Complete Book of Juicing

I started juicing about ten years ago. It has become a staple in my daily life. Over the years I found that it's a real pain in the ass!

But! It's worth it. Many functional doctors are saying juicing is not as important as we once thought, especially where the microbiome is concerned.

Fiber is king, juicing removes the fiber.

However, I still want to share with you the juice I make.

Warning: Only use organic fruits and vegatable's. Jucing concentrates nutrients, that's good. It will also concentrate any pesticides!

Organic Ingredients

  • Granny Apples x7
  • Carrots x14
  • Ginger about the size of your thumb
  • Beats x1
  • Kale 3-5 stalks (any kind you like)

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