Attraction, the human body, handsome, beautiful or sexy! These are some of the traits that bring people together. There are many things that attract us to one another. Once that attraction is made. The lengths people will go through to meet a person can be extreme!

The power of love is what Al Green sang about in his song "Love and Happiness." Love will make you come home early, love will make you stay out all night long. I've done both!

When I hear story's about what men and women have gone through just to meet a person they have fallen for. I find it amazing! I once stalked a Bed Bath and Beyond employee to ask her out on a date. My three young children were with me shopping as they followed me, following her, all around the store until I got the courage to ask her out. When I finally did. The girl screamed out loud and scared the crap out of me and my kids! Everyone who heard the scream turned around. All eyes were on us!

Love is amazing. We lose our minds when we meet "that" special person!
Valentine's day is a great time to reflect on some of the crazy things we did to meet that special person in life.

Join my wife Maggie and I in this episode as we tell our story on how we met. It's heartwarming. You won't believe what I did just to meet her!

Al Green

Love & Happiness was Al Green's first release. I have sharp memories of Nana dancing at family cookouts when this song played. Released in 1972. "Love and Happiness" was a raw and gritty song. The production and recording were not clean.

The song's message is an old one. It's all about love. The stronger message is what people will do for love. "Love will make you come home early, it will make you stay out all night long!" The Power of love. It will make you do things you never thought you would, or could! 

Bobby Caldwell

"What you won't do for love," released in 1978 by Bobby Caldwell. Many music fans were shocked to learn that Bobby was not an African American singer! His heart and soul, jazz voice even tricked many musically trained ears.

"What you won't do for love," enforces the message of how people will do anything for love. "My friends wonder, what is wrong with me?" " Well I'm in a daze from your love, you see!"

The Commodores

When it comes to love, there are two types, new love and lost love, yet, "Still," written by Lionel Richie. Tells the story of two people who were deeply in love. But the relationship fell apart. "Still" love remained through it all.

This song actually ended a relationship for me. I spent an afternoon at my girlfriend's house in 1979. The anticipation of making out was high! Then I heard radio DJ Franki Crocker say, "new music by the Commodores after these commercial breaks.

I leaped up and ran to the radio leaving my girlfriend on the sofa in shock! After several commercials, "Still" played. I was taken into a musical trance as my girlfriend sat on the sofa waiting for me to come down off of my Lionel Richie high.

When the song ended. We talked about how great the song was. She basically entertained the conversation but that pretty much ended the relationship. That's the way love goes!

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