Falling is hardly a great experience. Unlike most adults, I recall taking many a “dives” to the concrete and laughing about it! Kids on the other hand! Try and stop them from laughing if they see you fall.

Look at Nana Go!

Nana and I in The Early 90's

After wrapping up two plates of hot food in aluminum foil. Nana would sit us kids down to eat. She’d say, "hurry up and eat now, we have to take Big Daddy his dinner when I get back from “Brah’s”. A heavy smoker, and dying from lung/throat cancer, Brah was my great uncle, Nana’s younger brother. He lived across the street from my grandparents.

Nana expected us to be finished eating and ready to leave once she returned. The drive to Big Daddy’s night job in Hicksville, Long Island was short. He was a steel and metal worker.

It was on one of those days, Nana finished wrapping the plates of food and gave us her speech, “ok, you kids hurry up and eat,” as she walked out the kitchen heading downstairs to deliver her brother’s plate of food.

Then it happened… Slip, Boom, boom, bang, ohhhhhhhhhh, bang, bam, boooom! Ohhhhhhhhhh, lord! BOOM! The four of us jumped up from the table just in time to see Nana falling down the steps at top speed! She barreled down those steps like a bowling ball.

I remember seeing her right hand trying to grab the handrail. She was not tumbling down. Thank God! She was sliding down on her butt! I could see the back of her head bobbing up and down as she hit each step, bam, bam, bam never letting Brah’s plate of food go.

She reached the bottom, plate fully intact, just sitting, trying to collect herself. “Oh, oh, oh, us kids, “Nana, you all right?” Yea, you kids go back and finish eating now.” That’s when we BUSTED out laughing! We laughed so hard, I could not catch my breath. It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. We emulated her falling down the steps and all the noise she made as she was going down, word for word. Only in the eyes of a child is such a fall funny. As an adult, I understand the seriousness of what happened to her that day, and how close she came to being physically hurt!
But as a child, I could not stop laughing.

Years later when I was in my twenties. Nana and I were sitting in her living room. I said, “Nana, do you remember that day you fell down the steps?” She said, “I sure do” Then she said, “you kids laughed so hard! Why’d you laugh at me?” I said, “I don’t know, because it was sooooooo funny?”

Then she said, “you know what?” “What Nana?” “Looking back on it, it was funny David.” She was a good sport.

Years later I laughed at this again. In 1983, Eddie Murphy’s Delirious aired on HBO. His story about aunt Bunny falling down the steps during a family cookout brought back images of Nana’s fall! I could not stop laughing during the entire skit. Not only ways Eddie’s story hilarious! As he’s telling it, all I could see was Nana ripping down the stairs. My girlfriend, who was watching it with me, could not understand why I was laughing so hard. I was close to hyperventilation.

When Eddie Reached the part where he and his brother busted out laughing when they learned of Aunt Bunny falling down the steps. It sent me over the top! I had never laughed so hard in my life. To this very day, I’ve not laughed so hard. It was like Eddie was one of my siblings telling the same story of “Nana” falling down the steps.

Remember The Burger King Commercial?

I thought this was good advertising. Especially back in those days becasue. No fast food join would customize your burger. I hated pickles on my burgers, to this very day, if I still ate burger’s like that I still don’t like pickles on them. I don’t like pineapple on holiday baked ham!!
The fact that BK capitalized on seeing customers did not like certain things on thier burgers and then created a commercial to adress it. Was brillient. And when they used the little boy and the rhyme. that spoke directly to kids like me! The right message, at the right time, to the right audience.

Burger King Pickle Rhyme

Check me out doing the "Nicholas Pickle-less" Theme
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Name That Tune 

Let's play name that tune. 

Listen to the audio track and check out the clues

Motown group
Released in 1972
​Psychedelic soul
Gordy record's
Try your luck!

Featured Music- Joe Cocker

I use to take the little yellow bus to school every day for six years. Our bus driver, Mr. Carlton always had the radio on. He’d listen to Imus in the morning. The song “You are so beautiful,” would come on and once again take me away.

The melody, the lyrics the heart and soul would hypnotize me. Yet, with all of the songs music and lyrical goodness, it was the raw and raspy sound of Joe Cockers voice. He made the song everything it had to be. “You’re everything I hope for, you’re everything I need,” powerful lyrics sung convincingly. When I go back and relive the 1960’s, and its musical sound. Joe Cocker stands out, especially during many of the protest. 

Stephen Stills w/Buffalo Springfield

A member of Buffalo Springfield, Stephen too was a staple in the 1960’s sound of music. Their iconic song “For what it’s Worth,” has been used in radio commercials as well as documentary films. An outstanding guitarist, Stills played guitar on Bill Withers song Aint No Sunshine. His first solo album featured master and legendary musicians Jimi Hendrix’s and Eric Clapton.

Yet, his only big hit song was “Love The One You’re With.” Nana loved this song, its deep gospel roots made it a welcome song in the African American community as well.

Classic TV: Rod Sterlings -Twilight Zone

Many of us have been there at one point or another in life. That place in our brain that blurs the line of reality and weirdness! Rod Sterlings Twilight zone based an entire television show on that concept. You think you’re having an experience that’s real, only to find out it’s a dream. Or, you’re living an experience, you think it's a dream, it's not!

The Twilight Zone aired during a time when people never gave much thought to what’s reality and what’s not. The show played on its viewer's mind. Often you’d walk away wondering if you’re out of your mind, or not! To this day the show has a cult type following. I’m one.

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