Hazy, Hot, and Humid!

This is one of my favorite live streams. I love going back and remembering the summertime of my youth, the music, the blockbuster movies, great television. In this live stream, I share several summertime stories, one I call Queens Vietnam, it was the 4th of July 1974, and our block became a battlefield.

The fun story of my grandmother Nana, jumping out of the car, dancing to the queen of soul at a stoplight. Yes! In the middle of traffic!
And, the "now embarrassing" story of my brother Marc, our friends, and I urinating on a mattress that's on fire!
Watch it, because there's even more!

Summertime, summertime, sum, sum summertime!

We've made it to another summer! It's hot here in NYC, and the humidity is off the charts. As a child, I could not wait for the summer. Schools were closed, pools were open, and my birthday is in the summer. I have so many fond summertime memories from my younger years, riding my bike with my friends, handball, the beach, backyard cookouts, and of course, the GIRLS!

Let's share our favorite "back in the day" summertime stories. Pick a memory that's your favorite. Bring your "A" game. I've got some doozies!

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  • Hi, David! I’d like to see your process when writing music, recording etc. and include some of that in your live streams.

    • Hey Orlanda, yeah man, I do that. I’ve done it during previous live streams, and I will be doing more in the near future! Hope all is well buddy!

      • My opinion- The world can wait for your album. Take your time. I know you get pumped when fans ask for more, but as my Mom always said “Haste makes waste”. Your health will thank you for it!❤️

        • Ruth,

          Thank you, I hear you “loud and clear!” Yes, I do get very excited when fans ask for more! I want to give everything! But you’re right, I have to continue to focus on healing, I’m healing so good, and feeling so much better, that has to continue so I can do more for the fans!

          As always, thank you🎸 🌹

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