There are times when our plans simple fail. It’s happened to me off and on throughout my life. One Christmas morning in the early 1970’s. I came up with a brilliant plan. I found out in a very painful way just how flawed it was, sometimes sticking to the plan isn’t a good “plan!”

Spiral Staircase

I love you more today than yesterday. Written by Pat Upton is one of those songs that’s timeless.

Pat wrote and sang lead vocals on the song. He was also the guitarist for the band. This song continues to hold a strong place in my heart.

I think because its message is so organic and speaks direct to love.

I believe it speaks to loving someone so much and intentionally.

You don’t hear lyrics like this written anymore. The hook on the song, “I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow,” says it all.

If you speak those words to the love of your life. There’s nothing more to say after that. They know how you feel. They know where your heart is.

That’s what a song is suppose to do, speak for you or to you.

And on another note. Pat song the “HELL” out of the song! OMG, the vocals were amazing!!!

Danny’s Song

One of my all time favorite artist is Kenny Loggin’s. Like I love you more today than yesterday. Danny’s song speaks to love, pure love, relationship and starting a young family.

I believe there’s no great story than when a man and woman falls in love. True love. A love that cannot be broken.

In today’s world that seems to be impossible. I don’t think so, I think we’re not focused on love or starting a family.

We like the idea of it, not the reality or the work.

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