Inner love (Remix)

Fantasy World is my first! It's the first song I wrote as a duet. It was the first song I sang with a female singer, and It was the first song I recorded with other musicians.


And it's the first song that I changed my musical style. The original version of Fantasy World was a vocal pop song. The current version is a jazz instrumental.

I hear many of my early musical influences in Fantasy World, including Issac Hayes, Kool and The Gang, Chuck Mangione, and of course, Lionel Richie. I believe it's because when I wrote Fantasy World, I was so young, those artists were still big influences in my music, coming out of childhood.

Composed and Produced By: David C. Knight
Performed: David Knight
Recorded: VisualSound Works Studio
Mixed: David Knight
Graphics: Dominic Fillippone
Artwork: Yevhen Karpenko
Distributed By: 41Records LLC
Copyright 1981

Composers Notes

I wrote Fantasy world in 1981. It remained a demo for close to forty years! I recall sitting at the family piano, plunking out what I thought would be a David Knight masterpiece!

Yet, with each chord played, I listened to my "masterpiece" falling to pieces! I didn't care for it at all! Still, I continued, writing lyrics, coming up with a bridge and a chorus until I completed the song.

Disappointed at yet another bad song that I wrote! I tucked Fantasy World away. Thirty-eight years later, in 2019. I needed original background music for "Back in The Dave, "my podcast show. I started searching through my ice-cooler of cassette tapes and found "Fantasy World," an ole band recording of the first time it was played.

Now, the song intrigued me! I wrote Fantasy World at the beginning of my music career, and forty years later, my ears heard an entirely different version!

Excited, I began recording it, this time, as an instrumental, with a jazz feel. I liked the way it was sounding, so I continued! The "masterpiece" I once believed the song could have been started coming to life!

When I was done, I played it for my wife. She loved it! She bugged me for a copy. I explained to her it was only a demo of an old song, and I plan to use it for the podcast. She said, "I don't care, I love it! Can I have a copy?" I said sure!

And in typical wife fashion, she says, "you need to make that a record!" I said, "you know, I was thinking the same thing."

Fantasy World would remain in its demo state for one more year. In the spring of 2020, I pulled up the demo and started adding more instrumentation to it. I called my drummer and guitar player and sent them copies, and so it began, the production, changing Fantasy World from a demo into a record.

This demo of Fantasy World I find to be more polished compared to other demos I've recorded. The reason for that is my goal was to use the song as background music for my podcast show, so I wanted to make sure it sounded good! In my mind, it didn't have to be a perfect recording, but it had to lay "in the cut" during the show. To me, that makes it a very unique demo. Because it's closer to a completed piece of music.

The song that deeply disappointed me forty years ago is quickly becoming the song that fans lovingly embrace! Forty years ago, you could have never convinced me that I would have ever made a record out of Fantasy World.

Enjoy this cool laid back remix 😎

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