Composed, Produced, Arranged
and Performed By: David C. Knight
Distributed By: 41Records LLC
Copyright 2020

Composers Notes

Exhale takes the intellectual mind, the subconscious mind, and the body and places them in a state of "letting go," releasing you from the stress and anxiety of today's Coronavirus realities and the day-to-day quarantine limitations, distracting them for thirty-minutes allowing you to just "be" at peace, free from fear and worry.

When I started recording Exhale, I had no name for it. The only thing I knew is I wanted the song to take the listener away, to have them removed from the present day.

Like you, I'm dealing with the heaviness of the Corona pandemic. I wanted to get away and needed a place to run to, as always I ran to my recording studio, but this time I didn't want to record a dance song or funk jam! My whole being wanted to do something relaxing so I could escape!

I began searching through all of my synthesizers messing around with sound textures and things that made me feel good, sounds that allowed my brain to forget the world outside my studio doors and put me in a place of ease, it took several hours to create Exhale, I realize for you it's only thirty-minutes of peace, I wish I could have made the song five hours long, just for you, it seems these day's we need as much peace and relaxation as we can get!

I recommend listening to Exhale with headphones or earbuds on, that way you are fully immersed in its "healing music therapy," allow its musical wall of sound and voicings to relax your mind and body, remember, my relaxed creative energy is alive and embedded within Exhale's recording, let it put you at peace.

Exhale opens with ten minutes of swelling rich sound, moving you to ten minutes of nature, filled with flowing water and birds and then a final ten minutes of what I call "flatline" music, no dynamics and no swells, just calming music bringing you back to reality in peace.

I found my peace while recording the song. I noticed the more I worked on the music I began to exhale, about midway through while recording the "exhale" whispers, the song named itself, "Exhale"

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  • Dave! So kind of you to put your talent to use for us!
    It’s beautiful! I love the birds and the background music. I will be using this to drift off to dreamland.
    Thank you !

    • Hey Derry,

      I’m so happy that you like it! I also want to thank you for your really great questions during last night’s live! You’re awesome!

    • Thank you so much for listening to the show and for downloading Exhale! You know, so many people have told me, don’t go back in life, it’s too painful! Yea, I get it, but every part of my life was not painful, just like now, I have ups and downs. I love being able to have people listen to the show and go back, hell if only for 2hrs, it’s good soul food!

      I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website and listen to the show


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