Easy Vs. Zoom!

In 1977, the Commodores released their biggest album, “The Commodores.” By now, I knew who the Commodores were. But, this was the album that turned me into a raging Commodore fan and made Lionel Richie my idol. The album contained nine songs, Squeeze The Fruit, Funny Feelings, Heaven Knows, Zoom, Won't You Come Dance with Me, Brick House, Funky Situation, Patch it up, and Easy. Now we all know that Brick House and Easy were the BIG BLOCKBUSTER HITS on the album.

The truth for me is, minus Patch it up and Funky Situation, I loved every song on the album. I remember picking up my bass and going straight to Easy to learn the bass line. I would then play Brick House. The funk on Brick House bass line was vicious! I would run downstairs to the living room, sit at the piano, and figure out how to play Easy by ear. Then run back to my bedroom, grab my bass, and, well, you get the picture, hey, I was 15 years old. 

But every now and then, I would flip the album over and play Zoom. 

Zoom grabbed me in a way I could not explain at the time. It was a more mature-sounding song. It felt like adult music compared to Easy. Musically, it was harder to learn than Easy. Often, I’d put my bass down and give up. I bought the sheet music to Zoom. It’s in a sharp key signature. I struggle with sharp keys to this very day! 

Unlike Brick House and Easy. I would find myself standing in front of the mirror, room door locked, mic in hand, singing Zoom with the record as if I am live at MSG performing the Commodores.

There is a heart and soul in Zoom that Easy never captured. Easy is a feel-good song; with a feel-good melody. Zoom takes you within to your deepest thoughts and feelings. Zoom is that get-away song, and not only do the lyrics say I’d like to fly far away from here. It is the song's soaring strings that make you feel like you are flying away! 

Each instrument in Zoom seemed to be strategically thought out and executed. Easy is more of a wall of musical sound just being played, heart and soul! 

Zoom is meticulously arranged, performed, produced, and recorded. At least that’s how it sounds to me. 

My wife painted our bathroom door years ago!

Over the decades, I found myself debating with different people, musicians, and regular folks as to which song has stood the test of time, Easy or Zoom? The most recent debate was with my wife Maggie. She feels it is Easy, I say Zoom. It’s the debate with Maggie that drove me to write to you about the two songs.

I, like most people, got caught up in the popularity of Easy, and the big hit it was and continues to be. But I’m not talking about a hit song! I’m asking which is the better song? If one song is a big popular hit over another, does that make it better? One would think, yes! And if that is the case, had Motown marketed and promoted Zoom as heavily as they did Easy, would Easy be the bigger song? Honestly, don’t think so.

Easy continues to be the reigning champion. I think in an undercover way, most people like Zoom better, and it’s most likely more popular love the song more now than when it was first released in 1977.

To me, everything in Zoom is just right. Go listen to it right now, and do not miss the strings. I’ll wait!

How did it make you feel? What about Lionel’s vocals? The heart and soul he placed in every lyric was hair raising. I hope to carry a message in one of my songs like he did for Zoom.

Of course, this is very subjective. That’s music and all creative arts. People love Easy, and people love Zoom. I was an Easy fanatic for years, and then I began playing Zoom, its strings, the triumphant horns, the drums opening the song, and Lionel’s heart and soul vocals, eased into me year after year, and now, I hardly play Easy at all, Zoom is my go-to song. 

Let me be perfectly clear, I love Easy. It’s the Song of Songs, but Zoom is the universe.

What do you think? Easy or Zoom, is there a winner?

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    • Hey Danny,

      That’s how I feel now, Zoom all the way! It’s so interesting how back in 1977 when both songs dropped, Easy was the flagship! I think its initial popularity gives the impression that Zoom is a lesser song, but clearly, it’s probably the better song.

    • Greg,

      I hear you, I’m in love with Easy for sure, but Zoom, sit with it for a moment, listen to the strings, pay close attention to the instrumentation, I’m not trying to change your mind, heart, or soul, but just listen. And if nothing else, let me know how you feel man.

      Cool peas?

  • Ok. Brick House will always be my fav. And personally, I prefer Easy to Zoom. But, as to the better song musically, I have to go with Zoom. 🤣 I have no easy answers!

    • You have no “Easy” answer is right, and it’s not Brick House, Vs. Zoom, Vs Easy Ruth!! LOL.
      Seriously though, your last point is all I was trying to say.

      You know, I also think, had Motown promoted Zoom equally to Easy, I think it would have been the bigger hit!

      Even though I love, Brick House, it can’t hold a candle to Easy or Zoom to me, but you know I love you “STILL” Ruth! ❤️🎸

  • Hands down its Zoom for me! The top 40 crowd were moved by Easy but Souls remain deeply rooted in Zoom. Peace Hippies✌️🔥🎶

    • I think you found the words to explain it better than me, “the top 40 crowds,” yes! Not saying that Easy is anything short of a beautiful song, but, the top 40 folks jumped on it, myself included! I truly believe, had Zoom gotten all of the radio play, it would have eclipses Easy, easily!

      Thanks, Margaret, hope you and the family are well!

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