Drinking Tea Consciously

Plants, herbs, spices are all the rave. They're no longer the chopped-up bits we add to our soups, stews, and salads to make them pop with flavor!

Plants are coming full circle and are once again being used to heal. Have you heard of a tincture? It's one of the processes an herbalist uses to extract the medicinal properties out of a plant. Another way of getting the health properties out of plants without being an herbalist is through teas. 

Herbalist Amanda Furbee enlightens us on why we need to drink tea consciously! And why tea should be a lifestyle.

Topics we discussed

  • How can we incorporate teas into our lifestyle? 
  • What’s herbalism (food or medicine)
  • Why should we be drinking tea consciously 
  • The plant body connection (the science)
  • Tea and Adrenals
  • Herbalism is not a bandaid medicine
  • Best practices to make teas that heal/and help?

Amanda Furbee



Amanda Furbee’s interest in herbalism began at an early age but it wouldn’t be until 2010, when she moved to the Pacific Northwest, that her relationship with medicinal plants blossomed. The move from the east coast to the west coast would be more than a change of scenery, it brought her closer towards the wonderful world of herbalism. Ambitious to start learning she found a golden opportunity working at Portland’s first all organic herbal supplier, The Herb Shoppe. Her experience was even more fulfilling than she had hoped for, feeling invigorated Amanda knew this was a step in the right direction.

Inspired to take her knowledge further she enrolled in Rosemary Gladstars’ herbal certification course at The Herb Shoppe. Rosemary’s insights made it easy for Amanda to dive in head first, and like a vitamin for the soul Amanda absorbed all she could from the Mother of Herbalism. Amanda learned not only from the certification course but also from the shops informed herbalists and customer interactions as well. Within a few months of being on staff Amanda would find herself collaborating with the founder and together they strategized the future of the company.

As a result of their partnership The Herb Shoppe Pharmacy and Learning Center opened its doors on Feb 15th, 2014. More than a business it was created with the intention of becoming a community space for educators and collaborators alike, something Amanda was instrumental in developing. A couple years later the founder proposed potential changes for the company and questioned her future with THS. After several months of deliberation the decision was made; Amanda would transition from partner to sole proprietor. The Herb Shoppe couldn’t have been left in more capable hands.

Amanda continues to broaden her understanding of herbalism while making improvements to just about every aspect of The Herb Shoppe. Do you have specific health or herbal questions for Amanda? She would love to meet you and is available for one-on-one consultations as well. With an entrepreneurial spirit and the power of herbalism beside her The Herb Shoppe’s finest years have yet to come.

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