In 1972. “I can see clearly now” by Johnny Nash spoke to me. Being so young. I did not understand the lyrical meaning of the song.

Thirty years later. After “allowing” life to take me down a painful path for over a decade. “I can see clearly now” came on the radio while driving. The emotional effect it had was so overwhelming. I pulled over just to cry! Tears of joy.

At that moment. This favorite childhood song took on an entirely new meaning in my life. It made it very clear that there’s life after pain.

Music’s Message

How often are you listening to the messages of life. Surely, as a child I could not understand what “I can see clearly now” was saying to me.

It wasn’t until after I had gone through life’s challenges and pains did the lyrics have meaning to me.

Music offers us many messages. Song after song shows us a better way of life. Just pick one! It’s telling you to dance, love, let go, look ahead, and more.

Unless you view music as a message. You will be the adult child version of “me.”

Unable to understand the message in the lyrics.

Listen close get the message. I’m sure it will be one that you will need to hear.

Johnny Nash

Before the Commodores and Lionel Richie. Two artists held my attention.

Barry White and Johnny Nash. Looking back on it. I find it interesting. That one artist who sang about love, (Barry) and one that sang about (life and healing) would set the stage for my music career.

I spent countless hours listening to “I can see clearly now.”

Though I could not understand the message in the song at the time. I felt it. I knew there was something more to it!

Watch Johnny Nash sing it live. I hope it hits you as hard as it hit me!!

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