July 10

last night was the first FB Live with the new name, "Between The Music, Live." I decided to change the name because Thursday Night Live sounded too much like "Saturday Night Live," further, Between the Music better describes what I/we do in between the music that I release, we get together, fan and artist, we talk, we have conversations about anything under the sun and we have fun!

Last night's "BTM" was so much fun. We just talked, about music, health, recording artists from our era and so much more. 

The day before the Live, I posted a quiz on the FB page. I asked, "what do you think was the first song I played/learned to play when I got my first bass guitar. The choices were

1) Slide- by the band Slave, 1977

2 Brick House-by The Commodores 1977 (Lionel Richie and my boys!)

It was a 50/50 split on the actual quiz post, when I asked the question during the live stream, most fans said Brick House.

The answer? "Slide," by Slave!

It was just funky as hell and easy to learn the notes! 

Watch this video, it was so much fun!

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