"There is no music without heart & soul" ~ David Knight


"Before I Let Go"

I was talking with my keyboard player "C", telling him I need a song to release. We were working on original songs but I wanted to put out something that people were familiar with first.

That's when he said. "Dave, I have a version of "Before I Let Go," I said, "the old Frankie Beverly and Maze jam?" He said, "yup, though it might be a little too jazzy for you!" He knows I'm not super big on jazz! Shame on me, I'm working on that!

I said, "let me hear it." He emailed me the track and I loved it! It was full of jazz and loaded with funk! So I "slapped" a funky bass line on it adding to Clay's already killer tracks! And it was a wrap!

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The Video

I live in Manhattan, "C" lives in upsate NY and Spudy lives in Tx. We thought it would be cool to have a music video go along with the songs release. How do you do that when each member is hundreads of miles away from each other? 


We whipped out our devices, played the song in our studios and recorded our separate videos in our recording studio's.  "C" and Spudy sent me their video takes. I edited it down to what you just watched. There you have it. Instant music video!

Does it get any more home spun than that? 

 About David Knight

From the beginning, David Knight has had a spiritual connection with music. Raised in Queens, NY during the 60s and 70s, music was everywhere. 

The adult contemporary/R&B singer-songwriter from New York may be in his 50s, but it hasn't deterred him from pursuing a solo career.

After decades of trials and tribulations, Knight is back as robust as ever. With vintage roots and a modern touch, his forthcoming material harks back to an era when The Commodores and Elton John topped the charts. 

But for Knight, it's not about resuscitating antiquated sounds – it's about resurrecting a golden spirit: a time when music was felt, not heard.

What's included? 

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Artistry
  • Quality

 The Players


Keyboards & Synths





I'm such a fanatic about the song, song, song. I often lose sight of musicianship. We all know the song is golden. Yet, if the musicianship is not up to the song. The song can never be fully expressed. "C" and Spudy to the song to a place I wasn't thinking about. "C," my childhood friend since the age of fifteen initially recorded the tracks. He programmed the drums and played all of the synth and keyboard parts. 

I heard it, fell in love with it and dropped my bass track on it! We almost forgot. The original song had a guitar solo. "C" reached out to one of our ole high school friends and he brought Spudy in the mix. 

Clay and I are really detailed musicians. We just don't like anyone playing on our tracks. But hey! When neither one of us plays guitar, you've gotta bring someone in! 

When Spudy sent the track back. I was like "YES!" This freaking rocks! The song ended up being a jam. 

This is my power team now.

You'll be hearing more of their playing and artistry in future songs.

Guys, thank you for making this first one so damn smooth.

Beyhonce did her version of "Before I Let Go."

You're going to love my version of this R&B classic.

And here's why (put the "here's why" into the video!)

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Download the song

I'm offering two options to download "Before I Let Go," with or with out providing your email address. I'm greatful that you're considering my music! My mom and dad would always say, "David, There's more to life than music!" I finally believe them! 

Come a little closer, get to know me as a person, my life, family and more. And I want to know you! Music is the bridge that