Let’s talk about Aretha Franklin, not about her phenomenal voice, but about how her life and spirit touched everyday people. Aretha as a human being, not only an iconic legend.

Longest and Oldest Friends

I recently found out that Smokey Robinson and Aretha Franklin were childhood friends. Aretha’s family moved to Detroit when she was a little girl. Here’s an interview where he talks about how they first met. Aretha was six years old and Smokey was eight years old.

How I Remember Aretha

Today much of the world sees Aretha as an icon and legend. That she is! I can’t help but to remember her during the time I was a child. Watching her on live television, family members dance to her music at adult parties my siblings and I had to watch from a distance.

Aretha was just getting started back then. Her voice was sweeping the nation. The African American communities stood up with pride. Yet, another one of us made it and is telling the others, “you can do it too!”

This is how I remember her. I think it’s the only way I want to remember her.

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