Like most young men. Their first car is their pride and joy. I was no exception! But I quickly realized. Owning this car was a disaster. One sentence from my grandfather about the car summed it all up and taught me a lesson which I continue to benefit from to this very day. When I hear the song “Africa” by the band Toto. It reminds me of my car and the year-long nightmare it was!

My 1970 Grand Torino, UGH!

This car, this car right here! Was a major headache. At a $400 purchase price. The young twenty-year-old that I was. I had no clue I was buying a liability. When I drove this car home. My dad, girlfriend and, grandmother all laughed at me.

They knew I had made a bad purchase. The never-ending list of problems and their associated expenses grew month after month. On top of it all. I was paying $275.00 per month for car insurance!

Toto performing “Africa”

1982 was a great year for music. Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Prince released Controversy and Lionel Richie released his first solo album to name a few. The band Toto had a major hit with Africa.

Toto was a group of LA session musicians. Many of the band’s members played on countless hit records! I’ll never forget this song. Not only because of its great groove and melodies. Every time I hear it. The song reminds me of my 1970 Torino.

My first car. Or should I saw my first BOMB!

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