Will Smith, and Chris Rock are Weak?

What the world watched in shock and disbelief last night during the Oscars was two extremely strong men in an unfortunate situation, at one time or another in life, we all wish we had not said, or done something to a loved one, friend, or colleague. But we are human, and it happens. Most of the time, it does not result in getting slapped.

What happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock was a human moment. It was hurtful to watch; I felt the pain from Jada, Will, and Chris. I've read many comments on social media. People are saying Chris is weak. He should have punched Will Smith in the face; others say Will is weak because he was crying like a little baby.

I see both men as being strong! Why?

First, imagine being on stage in front of hundreds of people. And then someone comes out of the audience and slaps you in the face! Just imagine that for a moment. How would you feel? What do you think your reaction would be?

Most men would have turned around and punched you right back in the face, and an all-out brawl would ensue. Chris did the total opposite. He put his male ego and his pride in check. And declined to press charges against Will Smith "so far." It must have taken every bone in Chris's body not to retaliate. That's a strong person!

Will Smith, totally wrong in the situation and clearly in emotional pain, is "crying like a baby/bitch," as so many people on social media are saying about him.

Real men cry! Real men; don't put up front's as if he has no emotions. It takes a strong man to be as vulnerable. And to allow himself to be seen crying, especially in front of hundreds of people. And millions more watching on television and online!

I will admit, neither man was very smart last night. Chris should have not cracked the joke, and will should have kept his ass in his seat!

What happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock was a very natural and human event. I think we as humans are only recently starting to learn that expressing our hurt and anger physically "is not natural," but we are not there yet. And so, things like this continue to happen.

I'm hopeful that both of them will resolve this in a healthier manner. Doing so will show the world that even though it started out very ugly and painful. They will hopefully resolve it in a better fashion. If Chris and Will can show the world that lesson, it all would have been worth it. Well, maybe not so much for Chris Rock.

The other side of this is the potential cultural damage to African Americans. Will Smith's actions further the false narrative of, "you can take the African out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the African."

There's much clean-up to be done here! To me, Chris and Will both owe each other and Jada an apology.

That's step one!

Let me know what you think.


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  • The first thing I thought of were the attitudes of children and parents when I taught in NYC; you don’t “stay” disrespected. Disrespect must be immediately confronted. I agree with you; start with the apologies, first. All parties are role models and they need to remember it.

    • Hi Sue,

      We now live in a world where everyone is “sueing’ like mad, so quick to send a person off to jail, or seek revenge/justice. I’m not saying those methods don’t have their place,they do! However, I feel, they should not be the “go-to” way of handling things. Will was totally wrong, and it was violent.Nothing I think warrents jail time, I think Chris was right in not pressing charges.

      I think Chris realized that his joke was disrespectful, and feels bad that he said it. I’m sure we’ll see him cracking jokes in the future, saying Oh,I better watch what I’m saying, I don’t wanna get slapped again!”

      I think in this case, it’s a sit down, and talk it out, say I’m sorry, and heal from it.

      I don’t think Will will ever say he’s sorry because he most likely feels his actions were warranted.

      We’ll see…

      Anyway my dear, thank’s for leaving a comment, love you much, hope all is good in your world, family and life.


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