Who Are You?

When I look in the mirror, I realize something. It's not just a male or an African American staring back; it's not even solely David Knight. It's just me, this multi-dimensional being with layers of roles like son, brother, husband, dad, grandpa, composer, and musician. Yeah, I have been a bit of a pain in the ass to some folks, but that's me.

Here's the beautiful part – I do not need to put on a show. No need for an elaborate act to show who I am. I embrace every part of myself. No need for a performance.

It’s when I look around. It's like watching a perpetual Broadway play around me, with everyone playing their roles day in and day out.

Let's talk about men, for instance. Society hands them this script – look a certain way, talk a certain way, and live up to stereotypical expectations. It's like they're playing characters in a male culture drama. And those who deviate from the script? Well, they get side-eyed like they are the odd ones out.

It's not just men; it's all of us. We are so entangled in our cultures that breaking free from the script seems unimaginable. We've bought into the idea that culture defines us. Don't get me wrong; culture is fantastic for connecting, but it shouldn't be our default setting. If we could look beyond these cultural boundaries, we might discover a more authentic, unscripted version of ourselves. That might be the key to avoiding the self-sabotage we are experiencing now, from holding too tightly to cultural norms. Imagine the story we could tell then.

Together, can we look into the singular path that unites us all?

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