I am not a doctor and I'm not providing medical advice. I'm sharing my experience with you as I heal from acid reflux. Please, please consult a real doctor, but do your research first!

These days we often hear the words eat healthy, and as much as I'm into health, wellness, spirituality, and the body. I'm starting to learn while eating healthy is a must, we have to find balance, whatever that means to you for your good health.

Everything we do in life requires a level of balance. I know you know this. I also know most people, including myself, don't always practice balance. When it comes to real-time and real-life, theory should only apply for a reasonable amount of time. When the body is involved, you must focus, listen, and respond to it!

The body is life! It only knows how to live, heal, create, and move forward. Here is how I think of the body. Until we die, the power switch is always on, it never shuts off, it slows down, it idols and it rest, but never shuts off. What does that mean?

It means it will not matter if your body is in good health or bad it keeps going non-stop until it runs its self (you) into the ground, for real!

In 2006, I decided to change my entire lifestyle. Like most people, I ate my cultural diet, African American. I did not know it at the time, but my eating, lifestyle, and environment were slowly making me sick. I was unconsciously making myself sick.

I did not want to end up like my dad at the age of 44, becoming sick, suffering a massive heart attack at age 55, and then dying from cardiac arrest at age 57.

I changed everything. I stopped eating my cultural diet and began eating whole foods, fruits, and vegetables. I removed all white foods, processed foods, wheat, sugar, dairy, and meat. I did not miss any of it!

My health improved a great deal. But I went too far. I did not realize that the way I was eating healthy would harm my health.

I was cramming down all sorts of high acidic healthy foods like oranges, grapes, green apples, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and more.

I was drinking water with apple cider vinegar, water with lemon, and water with lime. The acid was adding up, and I had no clue it was creating reflux!

I did not realize that even when you're eating healthy, you must find balance!

Listen to the live stream. I get into detail and share with you the products I use that are helping me to balance my acid and alkaline.

Products I use as I heal from (LPR type) acid reflux

If you're dealing with acid reflux. This is the book to read first. 
Jamie is the leading doctor with acid reflux, she coined the phrase LPR. Get the book if you have reflux on any level!

A great guide, but don't get too hung up on it!!
It's a guide...

Read this "after" you've followed the Dropping Acid diet book. Or if you have milder reflux symptoms.

Make your own alkaline water! Just keep in mind, you CANNOT DRINK THIS ALL THE TIME! 
Maybe a glass or two a day, give or take. If you have LPR type reflux and your voice is horse etc..then you would need to drink more, to kill the pepsins in your throat.

This is just a great product to have in house. It will measure the PH levels in foods and liquids. 

The lower the number, the more acid, the higher the number from 5 and up, the more alkaline. 

Get this! You need to know, even if you're not dealing with reflux.

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