There are times in life when we meet a special person. It's the right person at the right time and it's what we need at that time. Tracy and I met on Tuesday July 7th 1981. Tracy had just turned 17 years old and I was a few weeks from turning 19. We were young! Our parents told us time and time again, you two are too young to be so committed! Youth has a way of blocking out common sense. Or maybe experience simply sees a bigger picture. 

Tracy and I dated for four years before getting married on my 21st birthday in 1985. Most people thought we were brother and sister! I remember over hearing my aunt telling my father on our wedding day.

Tony, if I didn't know you and your children. I would have sworn Tracy was one of yours. 

That wasn't the first time Tracy and I heard that. It was all the time.

In the pictures below. I try to capture our 12yr relationship, from the first day she appeared on my door step with her trumpet in hand auditioning for what whould become my band "Chace," through the birth of our three children Rhea, Kyle and Collin and our two grand daughters, Lyla and Leilany. 

Though we divorced in the 90's. Our journey has been nothing more than amazing. Friends we have remained. Yes, it took years! However, we have become the "brother and sister" everyone initially thought we were. We just have children and grand children and the love of music. We sang together HARD! 


"The adventures of Dave and Tracy" continue, WOW! Peace girl.

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