I think last nights live was my favorite. The topic was called "Life Change," I've been wondering what life will look like once the virus has passed, will our hearts be softer, will we have compassion for our fellow child, woman, and man, or will things go right back to how it's been?

I'm optimistic but, if I were to judge based on history, I'd say things will revert back, big business will realize that employees can work from home, stay home and they can add millions/billions to their bottom line.

I got so many great comments and questions from the people watching the stream, that was awesome because the feedback just grew the conversation!

At the beginning of the live stream, I told everyone I was releasing my first single, and boy was I pleasantly surprised when my music became the main topic of the evening! I had to find a way to bring it back to "Life Change."

Love to you all...


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