The Struggle (The Story of My Band Chace) Pt2

The fall of 1981 was insane! As a band, we could not find songs that we felt could compete with the top forty artists of the era. Musically we had to stand with Luther Vandross, Rick James, Chaka Kahn, and Tina Marie. And that’s just scratching the surface! Clearly, this was no laughing matter, LOL! We needed to define our sound. That was the key that would separate us from the immense top 40 billboard talent facing us!

The only way to create “our sound” would be to write songs to spotlight our unique talents. And that’s where our heart aches started!

We threw out song after song. They were good! Just not good enough; some just sucked! Maybe we should not had compared ourselves to other artists. But we knew thats what the record companys would do. As a new band, we were wet behind the ears. And it showed in the music!

We had two things in our favor. Raw talent and a Ballard that gave us hope!

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