Composers Notes

One Saturday afternoon in February, I decided to do an impromptu Livestream. I have this ice cooler that I use to store my music archive of cassette tapes. While rummaging through the ice cooler one day, I discovered two songs I recorded back in 1991. "The Dance and The Groove. I was asked by a television network if I would write music for two shows they had created.

Excited, I jumped into the studio and got to work. About halfway through, I played the songs for the network, and they loved them! They said, "great Dave, we'll take them!" My reply was, "wait, they're not finished!" It didn't matter to them. They loved the songs, so I stopped production, delivered the songs, and moved onto my next project. "The Groove and The Dance" remained demos.

During the live stream, fans loved the songs and wanted copies. My reply was, "they're just demos folks," I want to use them as opening theme songs. One to open my podcast show, and the other to open the Thursday night live stream. They didn't care, so I promised them I'd make the demos available for downloads. 

I'm making good on my promise by initially making "The Groove" available!

But I'll take it a step further. I'm going to further the production of "The Groove," taking it from demo to full production, and! Make updated versions available for free downloads, including the final production!

For me, it will be a lot of fun to work on this song again. For you! You'll experience the process with me and enjoy the final result!

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